What is the best Nature magazine?


  1. NATURE. Nature is an international weekly journal of science and is my favourite subscription.
  2. NEW SCIENTIST. For me, New Scientist is the middle ground between a scientific journal and a popular magazine.

What age is National Geographic Magazine for kids?

National Geographic Kids Give the gift of the magazine that’s designed especially for children ages 6 and up.

Is there a Disney magazine for kids?

1 Year, 6 Issues – Disney Junior Magazine is designed for the preschooler. Each issue is filled with activities, coloring pages, fun games and cutouts all centered around the characters featured on the Disney Junior Channel. For ages 3-5.

Is Discover magazine good for kids?

With topics such as science and social studies, dramatic photography and illustrations, and kid-friendly text, Kids Discover magazine is ideal for children who learn visually.

Is there a little kids National Geographic magazine?

National Geographic Little Kids magazine – perfect for children ages 3 to 6. Irresistible photos and simple text to enhance early reading experiences, along with games, puzzles, and activities, that turn playtime into learning time.

Is Disney Junior magazine still published?

NOTE: Redan, the publisher of Disney Junior magazine just announced they will no longer sell subscriptions. The publication is newsstand only.

Does Nickelodeon magazine still exist?

From 1993 to 2009, Nickelodeon regularly published the best magazine for ’90s kids. (Sorry, Disney Adventures.) Featuring comics, celeb interviews, gags, and fun behind-the-scenes secrets for all things Nick, it was a dark, dark day when Nickelodeon Magazine ceased publication at the end of 2009.

Do Zoobooks still exist?

The National Wildlife Federation will continue Zoobooks’ legacy of bringing fun and engaging learning opportunities to children of all ages as part of its iconic Ranger Rick® publications. The first Ranger Rick branded Zoobooks will launch in February 2018.

How do I subscribe to National Geographic magazine for kids?

Shipped via regular post to your doorstep, directly by the publisher….National Geographic Kids.

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