What is the ASME P number?

A P-Number is an alphanumeric designation assigned to a group of materials. These materials are grouped based on their similar weldability and mechanical characteristics. P-Numbers are assigned to base metals to reduce the number of welding and brazing procedure qualifications required to perform work.

What is P number in ASME Section IX?

P number assigned by ASME Code Section IX to the materials based their similarity and characteristic such as chemical compositions, weldability and mechanical property. That why you do not see any material identification in the Welding Procedure Specification. What you see is the assigned P number.

What is P number and group number in ASME?

The ASME grouping is made using the alphanumeric designation P-No for the base metal and F-numbers (F-No) for the filler material. This grouping is based on comparable characteristics of the material such as weldability, mechanical properties and composition.

What is P NO and group No?

Now that we have understood ‘P’ numbers let’s move on to the group numbers. Group numbers are subsets of ‘P’ numbers and assigned to ferrous-based metals. Group numbers are assigned only to those materials which require toughness testing for the qualification of its WPS.

What does P number stand for?

A p-value, or probability value, is a number describing how likely it is that your data would have occurred under the null hypothesis of your statistical test.

What is the difference between P number and F-Number?

Based on the essential variable table P number 1 (Carbon Steel) qualifies P 8 (Stainless Steel), and the F number is the same. So you qualify your welder for stainless steel material by using carbon steel material but stainless steel filler metal.

What is P No 1 material?

This number is used to group similar Base Metals, allowing qualification of an entire selection versus qualification of just one. These base metals are grouped by material and assigned P Numbers based on what material they are. For example, the P Number 1 is assigned to Carbon Manganese or Low Carbon Steel base metals.

What P number is Inconel 625?


P42 SB127 400 Monel 400
P43 SB168 600 Inconel 600
P43 SB443 625 Inconel 625
P43 SB575 C276 Hastelloy C-276

What P number is Alloy 20?

The P Number of Alloy 20 is 45 according to ASME BPVC Section IX.

What is P number and f number in welding?

What is P 4 material?

P4 Tool Steel (UNS T51604) – Low-Carbon Mold Steel.

What is F-Number in ASME?

An F-Number is a numeric designation assigned to a group of filler metals. ASME Section IX Table QW-432 lists the assignment of filler metals into their F-Number grouping.