What is Sakha Pola?

Shakha are white bangles of conch-shell and Pola are red bangles made of red corals. Shakha and Pola are worn in both the hands. It is to be seen that within one year of the marriage, they do not break. If anything of that sort happens, it is not considered good omen for the married life of the bride.

Why do Bengali brides wear Sakha Pola?

Shakha pola is gifted by the mother of the bride. It is advisable to wear the bangles for a year after marriage and not supposed to break. Shakha is brittle, so it signifies the care that the bride has to take to build the new relationship coupled with the warmth of the red colour of the coral.

What is lajja bastra?

Immediately after the sindoor daan, the bride’s head and face is covered with a new saree from the groom’s family. This saree is called the lajja-bastra. It goes without saying that dressing on the wedding night would not be an easy task for anyone.

Is Pola made of plastic?

This Shakha Pola made by Quality plastic, Light weighted, Micro Gold Plating and Long Lasting….Jewellery Information.

Collection Shankha Pola
Item Diameter 2.4 Inches
Material Plastic
Metal Gold Plated

How shakha Pola is made?

“Shakha” signifies purity and is made of conch shell that is beautifully crafted and polished. “Pola” is red in colour and symbolizes power, earlier made of red corals or lac resin, and now is made of Bakelite.

Why do Bengalis wear red?

Why red and white? The combination of red on white is considered very auspicious by Bengali women. White stands for purity while red symbolizes her fertility.

What is AAI Buro Bhat?

Aiburo Bhaat is a sort of a send off meal arranged by the families of both the bride and the groom.

What is Nannimukh?

Nandimukh Shardh is a special type of shradh which is done mostly at early hour of the day. Its also called as Vriddhi Shradh.

What is Ai buro Bhat?

Ai Buro bhat This happens the night before the actual wedding ceremony (or a few days before) where the bride and groom take their last meal as unmarried people, in their respective homes.

What is Bengali white bangle made of?

Shakha, the white bangle is crafted & polished out of the conch shell, and Pola is a red coral bangle. Shakha & Pola, are an integral symbol of a married woman and holds great significance in Bengali culture. Married women wear a pair of each in both hands.