What is RS-485 splitter?

Details. The HUB-485-4 is a rugged, industrial-grade, optically-isolated RS485 Hub / Splitter / Repeater, which can be used to expand RS-485 networks by splitting one RS-485 network into four (star wiring), in turn increasing the maximum number of nodes and the distance covered by an RS-485 network.

Is RS-485 a bus?

RS485 is designed as a bi-directional bus system with up to 32 drivers and receivers. With modern transceiver ICs, reducing the load on the connection caused by the bus node makes it possible to use up to 128 drivers and receivers on one bus system.

What does RS-485 stand for?

RS-485, also known as TIA-485 or EIA-485, is the standard that defines the electrical characteristics of the drivers and receivers for the communication protocol.

What is the maximum distance for RS485?

4,000 feet
RS485 is popular for inexpensive local networks, multidrop communication links and long haul data transfer over distances of up to 4,000 feet.

How far CAN RS485 be run?

How many wires is RS485?

RS485 FULL-DUPLEX (4 WIRES) Data from the RS485 converter to the networked devices are transmitted through one pair, and the other pair carries data from the devices to the RS485 converter.

How many devices can be connected to RS485?

A standard RS-485 driver will handle 32 Unit Loads that could consist of 256 one-eighth Unit-Load devices.

How many devices are connected with RS485?

32 devices
Up to 32 devices can be connected via the same RS-485 bus, though only one device can “talk” at any given time (half-duplex). A voltage of -200 mV is specified as a logic 1, while +200 mV is specified as a logic 0.

How many devices CAN be connected to RS485?

A maximum of 32 devices can be connected to the RS485 port of Link150. However it’s recommended to monitor the speed of the link because adding too many devices with a low baud rate may affect the speed of data transfer. The following figure explains the connection of devices for 2 wires and 4 wires systems.

How many devices can be connected on RS485?