What is PVDF coating on ACP?

A PVDF coating, or KYNAR500 coating, is a pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer that is non-reactive and contains a long list of coating benefits. It is a factory-applied resin-based liquid coating system. The distribution of metal particles in fluorocarbon coatings has a direct impact on the appearance of the coating.

What is PVDF cladding?

ColorcoatĀ® PVDF. A thin coating solution for wall cladding. ColorcoatĀ® PVDF is particularly well suited to building envelope applications such as wall cladding and panels, where good colour and gloss retention are important. Download datasheet.

What is aluminium composite panel used for?

Uses. Aluminium composite panels are frequently used for external cladding or facades of building for, Signage, canopy shopfronts, bar and hotel, shopping mall, commercial building and offices etc.

What is PE coating on ACP?

Polyester Coating Polyester when mixed with alkyd resins and ultraviolent absorbent makes the perfect surface that you can look for in a composite panel. PE coated panels are a great product which can be used in a variety of situations and their application itself is quite wide.

Which paint is used on ACP sheet?

Aludecor ACP sheets are painted using world-class paints from PPG, Beckers, Nippon, and Akzo Nobel and are sourced within India.

Which is better ACP or HPL sheet?

ACP is prone to scratches and not very easy to maintain whereas special scratch resistant HPL can be applied to surfaces for better maintenance. ACP, being metallic tends to lose shine whereas, HPL has optimal light fastness.

Is ACP Sheet better than tiles?

Unlike tiles, ACPs are flexible materials and can be bent easily without causing any cracks or damages to the panel. ACPs are also lightweight and strong and sturdy. They are easier to install too. Seamless finish can be achieved with ACPs on false ceilings, wall panels etc.

What is PVDF coating on aluminum?

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) coatings are one of the most commonly used commercial and industrial coatings on the market. PVDF is a fluoropolymer resin that is highly inert and stable, providing excellent resistance from metal weathering over time. PVDF coatings are a resin-based coating system.