What is private line automatic Ringdown?

Private line automatic ringdown (PLAR) is a type of analog signaling often used in telephone-based systems. When a device is taken off-hook, ringing voltage is automatically applied to a circuit to alert other stations on the line. When answered on another station, a call is maintained over the circuit.

What is an ARD line?

Automatic Ring Down (ARD) On a Single Line.

What is Cisco plar?

Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) or Hot-dial is a configuration done in Cisco Unified Communication Manager which is intended to dial a destination number automatically as soon as an IP Phone goes off hook. Mostly IP Phone with PLAR feature is used in Elevators, Security Stations, Lobbies or Open Areas.

What is a ringdown phone?

Ringdown circuits are used when you want a telephone to dial a certain number immediately upon lifting the handset or pressing a button. An emergency phone on the street might use a ringdown circuit. It may even use a dedicated line that goes directly to a dispatcher. An elevator phone is another example.

How does a ring down phone work?

What does a ring down phone do? A ring down phone can come with a Built in Dialer and when the Handset is lifted or Push To Call Button pressed the built in dialer automatically dials a pre-programmed phone number. Depending on the phone it may try to call another number if there is no answer or busy signal.

What is PLAR in networking?

PLAR stands for Private Line Automatic Ringdown, which is used to take a phone’s handset off hook and have that phone autodial a number. Phones with this functionality go by many names, including bat phones, ring-down phones, and hot-dial phones.

What is a ringdown circuit?

What is the role of administration in an ARD?

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What is PLAR in VoIP?

Resolution. Private-line automatic ringdown (PLAR) circuits have statically configured endpoints and do not require that the user dial in order to connect calls. The connection plar command provides a mechanism to create a switched VoIP call without digit dialing.

What is a plar phone?