What is NB S1 mode?

In NB-S1 mode: Indicates this paragraph applies only to a system which operates in NB-S1 mode. For a multi-access system this case applies if the current serving radio access network provides access to network services via E-UTRA by NB-IoT (see TS 36.300, TS 36.331, TS 36.306).

What is Non Access Stratum in LTE?

The Non-Access Stratum is a set of protocols in the Evolved Packet System. The NAS is used to convey non-radio signalling between the User Equipment (UE) and the Mobility Management Entity (MME) for an LTE/E-UTRAN access.

What is NAS and RRC?

The RRC is the highest layer in the control plane of the Access Stratum (AS). The RRC also transfers messages of the Non-Access Stratum (NAS), which is located above the RRC layer. NAS messages are used to control communications between a UE and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

What is the difference between Access Stratum and Non Access Stratum?

The distinction is that the Access Stratum is for dialogue explicitly between the mobile equipment and the radio network and the NAS is for dialogue between the mobile equipment and core network nodes.

What is PDU in LTE?

Packets received by a layer are called Service Data Unit (SDU) while the packet output of a layer is referred to by Protocol Data Unit (PDU).

What is EMM and ESM in LTE?

The ESM ( EPS Session Management) and EMM (EPS Mobility Management) entity is a control plane function which supports all aspects of signalling for PDN (Packet Data Network) session management, such as EPS Bearer Activation and Modification.

What is the difference between user plane and control plane in LTE?

At user plane side, the application creates data packets that are processed by protocols such as TCP, UDP and IP, while in the control plane, the radio resource control (RRC) protocol writes the signalling messages that are exchanged between the base station and the mobile.

What is PDU and Seu?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs) are methods of tracking an educational growth of a professional by the organizations that issue the certification. PDUs are related to Project Management Institute and SEUs are related to Scrum Alliance.

What is PDUs and SDUs?

Protocol data units (PDUs) — packets exchanged between peer entities in the same layer. Service data units (SDUs) — packets handed to a lower layer by an upper layer. A PDU is typically a SDU with an additional header or trailer that carries information needed by that layer’s protocol.

What is ECM and EMM?

ECM stands for Entitled Control Message while EMM stands for Entitled Management Message. ECM EMM are the two most important part of CA System or Conditional Access System. ECM and EMM are send with the Transport Stream to the subscriber end.

What is dataplane and control plane?

The control plane is the part of a network that controls how data is forwarded, while the data plane is the actual forwarding process.