What is my zip code New Zealand?

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Country Town/City Zipcode
New Zealand Auckland 1148
New Zealand Auckland 1150
New Zealand Aukopae 3991
New Zealand Avalon 5010

What is a lookup postcode?

Postcode lookup software is used to help provide accurate address information. If a user is typing in an address, the postcode lookup tool predicts the correct address as you go, saving time and returning reliable results.

What is the Queenstown postcode?

Queenstown/Zip codes

How many postcodes are there in NZ?

1856 postcodes
There are 1856 postcodes, each of which may serve up to 10,000 individual locations. Postcodes are generally allocated north to south.

How do I find someone’s address in NZ?

Visit the website of New Zealand’s white pages. On the website, enter the person’s name (full or just a surname). If you also know the city/town/suburb, enter the name under “Where. ” Hit “Search.

Where is the post office in Castle Hill?

Results Postcode Suburb Category 1765 CASTLE HILL, NSW Post Office Boxes 2154 CASTLE HILL, NSW Delivery Area 4810 CASTLE HILL, QLD Delivery Area

How many results did your search for Castle Hill return?

Your search for “Castle Hill” returned 3 result (s). Please select an item from the list below to view details. Browse by suburb. Select a town or suburb to find the postcode.

What do the numbers mean in New Zealand postcodes?

Learn more about how NZ postcodes work. For example, in the postcode 7201, the 7 represents the top half of the South Island. The 2 represents the area surrounding the Blenheim/Picton areas. The 0 represents an urban “postie” delivery type, and the 1 represents a mail delivery zone in urban Blenheim.

What is the postal address for Mount Eden NZ?

Street addresses: 445 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland. Rural addresses: 21 Greens Road RD 2 Ruawai 0592. Partial addresses: Main Highway Otaki; 32 Wilson Street. Postcodes: 5022. PO Boxes: PO Box 39100, Howick.