What is La Manche France?

noun. channel [noun] a narrow stretch of water joining two seas.

Where is La Manche located?

Manche (/mɒ̃ʃ/, French pronunciation: [mɑ̃ʃ] ( listen)) is a coastal French department in Normandy, on the English Channel, which is known as La Manche, literally “the sleeve”, in French.

What is Cherbourg France known for?

Cherbourg is well known for its museums and religious monuments, but also has a port area to explore and several monuments in the historic centre. Start a visit here with a stroll along the port next to the imposing 18th century townhouses until you reach the Basilica of the Trinity.

Is Cherbourg British?

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, naval station, fortified town, and seaport in Manche département, Normandy région, northwestern France. It lies along the English Channel, west-northwest of Paris, and is situated at the mouth of the small Divette River on the north shore of the Cotentin peninsula.

Why do the French call the English Channel La Manche?

Earlier names had included Oceanus Britannicus and the British Sea, and the French have regularly used La Manche (in reference to the sleevelike coastal outline) since the early 17th century. The Baltic and North seas and the English Channel. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Why was Cherbourg so important?

(Without such a port, equipment packed for transit would first have to be unloaded at a port in Great Britain, unpacked, waterproofed and then reloaded onto landing craft to be transferred to France). Cherbourg, at the end of the Cotentin Peninsula, was the largest port accessible from the landings.

Why is Cherbourg famous?

A maritime town and ONE OF FRANCE’S GREATest PORTS It was an obvious place for a fortified port. Cherbourg prides itself on a vibrant local lifestyle and culture with its Italian-style theater, art and history museums, its basilica, the Ravalet castle and, of course, the Cité de la Mer.

How far is Normandy from Cherbourg?

How far is it from Normandy to Cherbourg-Octeville? The distance between Normandy and Cherbourg-Octeville is 154 km. The road distance is 215.6 km.

Why is La Manche called La Manche?

The French name la Manche has been used since at least the 17th century. The name is usually said to refer to the Channel’s sleeve (French: la manche) shape.

Why is the English Channel so rough?

sddsddean. The Channel and North Sea can be rough, because they are shallow(on one cruise in the middle of the North Sea the Captain said depth of water under the keel was 85 feet…if the ship sank, deck 9 and above would still be out of the water!), so the wind can really whip the water up.