What is Josh Lucas full name?

Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer

Josh Lucas
Born Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer June 20, 1971 Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
Other names Joshua Lucas
Occupation Actor
Years active 1990–present

Who are Josh Lucas parents?

Michele LeFevre
Don Maurer
Josh Lucas/Parents

What nationality is Josh Lucas?

AmericanJosh Lucas / Nationality

Who is Josh Lucas father?

Don MaurerJosh Lucas / Father

What is Josh Lucas salary?

Estimated Career Earnings

Year Salary Total Cash
2017 $49,691 $49,691
2018 $131,850 $131,850
2019 $167,104 $167,104
Est. Earnings (3 seasons) $348,645 $448,645

Is Josh Lucas Native American?

Born in Arkansas in 1971 and christened Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer. His parents lived on an Native American reservation, and they named him based on things that happened there. His birth was so easy that the doctor hit his head on the bedpost and injured himself.

Is Josh Lucas back with ex-wife?

Josh Lucas and Ex-Wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez Back Together Over a Year After Finalizing Divorce.

Who is Josh Lucas in a relationship with?

Josh Lucas has found new love with Rachel Mortenson. The “Sweet Home Alabama” actor and the model are dating, Page Six has learned. The couple met during the pandemic and have become inseparable, we’re told.

Did Reese Witherspoon marry Josh Lucas?

Josh Lucas, who played Reese Witherspoon’s estranged husband with whom she falls back in love in the 2002 rom-com (after getting engaged to Patrick Dempsey’s Andrew Hennings), recently stopped by SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw, where the host asked if fans would ever get a sequel.