What is Joe Nichols most famous song?

“Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” Love it or hate it, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” is probably Nichols’ best-known hit. The hard-drinking, but goofy, party song was the first single from 2005’s III, and became Nichols’ second No. 1 hit on the country charts.

What happened to Joe Nichols?

Joe Nichols may be living a blissful life now with wife Heather and his brand new baby girl, Dylan River, but the singer openly admits his that road to happiness has been anything but smooth travels.

Does Joe Nichols write his own songs?

Joe went on to explain how he is often so critical of his own work, he doesn’t release as many original songs that he has written himself as he would like to. Joe said: “I’ve written for it. I’ve got a song called ‘Judas’ that I haven’t cut yet, but I’m thinking about cutting that one.

What songs did Joe Nichols write?

Joe Nichols Song list

  • An Old Friend of Mine (2009)
  • Brokenheartsville (2002)
  • Cool to Be a Fool (2002)
  • Crickets (2013)
  • Freaks Like Me (2015)
  • Gimmie That Girl (2009)
  • Hard To Be Cool (2013)
  • Hee Haw (2013)

What was Joe Nichols first number one hit?

Although Joe Nichols’s eponymous debut album dropped in 1996, the Rogers, Arkansas country hunk wouldn’t land a hit until his 2002 sophomore album Man With a Memory, which yielded his first number one with the new traditional twang of “Brokenheartsville,” a classic honky-tonk themed drinking ditty.

When was Brokenheartsville made?

OOn March 29, 2003, Joe Nichols notched his first Hot Country Songs No. 1, as “Brokenheartsville” hopped 3-1. Written by Donny Kees, Blake Mevis, Randy Boudreaux and Clint Daniels, the song was the second single released from Nichols’ album Man With a Memory.

How old is Joe Nichol?

45 years (November 26, 1976)Joe Nichols / Age

Does Joe Nichols sister have Down syndrome?

Indeed, all his girls seemed to love it, but Nichols admits that the real star of the music video was Kelli, who was born with Down syndrome.

Is Joe Nichols a Native American?

Nichols’ father is part Cherokee and his mother is part Comanche. But he said his Native American heritage hasn’t affected him much, other than his appearance.

When was brokenheartsville made?

When was Joe Nichols brokenheartsville released?

2002Brokenheartsville / Released