What is E-gate in Qatar?

The e-Gate system allows air passengers and officials to enter and exit the country with ease. Holders of the e-Gate Card may bypass the immigration formalities at the Hamad International Airport by punching their cards at the gate and pressing their index fingers on an electronic scanner.

How can I spend 12 hours at Doha airport?

10 Things to do on a layover at Doha Airport

  1. Grab a bite to eat. The airport doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of food choices, but what’s there are eateries featuring Middle Eastern, international, and Western cuisine.
  2. Lounge.
  3. Tour Doha – for free!
  4. Visit the desert.
  5. Shop.
  6. Shower.
  7. Take in the art.
  8. Hit the gym or spa.

How can I renew my e-gate in Qatar?

Log in the online website of the Ministry of Interior. Select “Activate Egate Service” from “Smart Card Services” list. Select number of years to activate the service (a year, two years, three years).

How can I get e-gate card in Qatar?

Qatari citizens and residents, as well as GCC nationals who are interested in obtaining an E-Gate card should visit the immigration department in Madinat Khalifa….Get your Qatari Smart ID (E-Gate enabled ID card)

  1. Visit the office for E-Gate Cards.
  2. Show your ID or GCC passport.
  3. Pay appropriate fees.

What is E-gate at airport?

Officially known as automated border control (ABC) systems, e-gates verify a person’s identity by comparing a person’s facial characteristics to data stored in a chip inside their biometric passport.

Can you sleep in Qatar airport?

Yes, they do – sleep ‘n fly are the main provider of sleeping pods at Doha International Airport. Their sleep pods and cabins provide accommodation for up to 50 adult guests and four children up to the age of seven.

How long can you stay in Qatar lounge?

Available to all passengers at any time for a nominal fee valid for up to 6 hours stay, regardless of airline and class of travel.

What is E-Gate card?

Securing a Smart ID (E-gate) is a wise idea for expatriates who often enter and exit the country. Having this ID card may allow you to go in and out of Qatar without going through the whole steps by simply tapping your card at the gate and putting your finger on the electronic scanner at the International airport.

How do I activate Egate?

200 and is valid for two years; however, you can now activate the e-Gate service on your Resident ID and pay just Dhs. 150 for two years. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. For further information, contact 04 316 6966 or see dubai.ae.

How do I apply for Egate?

To activate Skywards e-gate cards, gather up you passport (still valid at least 6 months), a passport photo, Skywards e-gate card, normal e-gate card if you have already been issued one, your DNRD muber (should be on your residence or entry visa stamped in your passport).

How does e gate work?

The ePassport gate scanner reads all the information contained in the chip inside the passport, while a camera takes a picture of the traveller and an officer at a control station behind the gates checks that the image captured by the camera matches the one on the passport (facial recognition).