What is CCO in Oregon Health Plan?

A coordinated care organization is a network of all types of health care providers (physical health care, addictions and mental health care and dental care providers) who work together in their local communities to serve people who receive health care coverage under the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).

How many CCO are in Oregon?

Today, there are 16 CCOs operating in communities around Oregon.

Is Health Share of Oregon a CCO?

If you’re an Oregon Health Plan member and you live in Clackamas, Multnomah, or Washington counties, Health Share of Oregon is your coordinated care organization, or “CCO.” As a Health Share member, you have access to the Oregon Health Plan’s largest network of health plans, doctors, dentists, therapists, clinics, and …

How do I change my CCO Oregon Health Plan?

∎ To change CCOs, call OHP Client Services at 1-800-273-0557. If you are a Health Share of Oregon member: If you want to change your Health Share of Oregon medical plan, contact Health Share Customer Service at 1-888-519-3845.

Does Oregon have Medicaid managed care?

Oregon also operates a small Program for the All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program, which provides all Medicaid and Medicare services to individuals age 55 and over who meet a nursing home level of care. Over the years, the state has modified its approach to managed care.

What is a coordinated care model?

Care Coordination Model. Care coordinators connect individuals to health and human service programs. The care coordinator may make referrals, develop an individualized care plan, and manage the exchange of information between providers and other human services organizations.

Who owns CareOregon?

CareOregon will become a subsidiary of Providence Plan Partners under a proposed formal partnership the two organizations announced Tuesday.

Does Kaiser take CareOregon?

Free or low-cost coverage Kaiser Permanente participates in the Oregon Health Plan in several counties. To choose Medicaid with Kaiser Permanente, you must qualify for the Oregon Health Plan and be assigned to one of the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) in our service area.

How much can you make and still get Oregon Health Plan?

OHP is available to adults who earn up to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. For a single person, income should be less than $1,507/month or household income of $3,076 for a family of four. OHP is available to kids and teens whose family earns up to 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

What is the difference between ACO and MCO?

The MCO is a group of medical providers and facilities that provide care to its members at a reduced cost. Many MCO’s require the patient to have a primary care provider. The ACO is a group of medical providers and medical facilities that work together to provider collaborative care to its members.