What is Carreau model?

Carreau fluid is a type of generalized Newtonian fluid where viscosity depends upon the shear rate, The Carreau viscosity model is useful in describing flow behavior of fluids in the high shear rate region. Carreau first time presented rheological equations from molecular network theories [1].

What is Casson model used for?

The Casson fluid model is used to characterise the non-Newtonian fluid behaviour. Similarity transformations are employed to transform the governing partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. The transformed equations are then solved numerically by shooting method.

What is Carreau Yasuda model?

The Carreau-Yasuda model is another empirical equation used to fit non-Newtonian data (Bird et al., 1987). Like the Cross model, this model also “describes pseudoplastic flow with asymptotic viscosities at zero (0) and infinite () shear rates, and with no yield stress” (Hackley and Ferraris, 2001).

What is pseudoplastic Behaviour?

Pseudoplastic: Pseudoplastics exhibit behaviors both of Newtonian flow and plastic flow. The liquid flows as a plastic at high shear rates, but does not have a yield point and so will always flow under a shear stress, like a Newtonian liquid.

What is Casson viscosity?

The Casson yield value is the force required to start flow of chocolate and the Casson plastic viscosity is the force required to maintain a constant flow in chocolate, also referred to as “shear thickening factor”.

Is blood a Casson fluid?

Blood has been represented by a two-fluid model, consisting of a core region of suspension of all the erythrocytes assumed to be a Casson fluid and a peripheral layer of plasma as a Newtonian fluid.

Is viscosity a rheological property?

The property of rheology is viscosity, which is defined as the measure of the resistance of a fluid to gradual deformation by shear or tension.

What is the meaning of the zero shear viscosity?

Zero shear viscosity is the viscosity of a material when it is effectively at rest. Despite the misnomer, zero shear viscosity describes a plateau value which you can sometimes see when you use a high-powered rheometer to measure viscosity under extremely low shear conditions.

What is pseudoplastic viscosity?

Characteristics of a Fluid In contrast to a Bingham fluid, a pseudoplastic fluid is a fluid that increases viscosity as force is applied. A typical example is a suspension of cornstarch in water with a concentration of one to one.

Is blood a pseudoplastic?

An example of pseudoplastic fluid is blood. This application is highly favored within the body, as it allows the viscosity of blood to decrease with increased shear strain rate [20]. Newtonian fluid is a special case of the non-Newtonian time-independent fluid where the viscosity is constant.

What is Casson yield value?

What is Casson plastic?

Casson fluid can be defined as a shear thinning liquid which is assumed to have an infinite viscosity at zero rate of shear, a yield stress below which no flow occurs, and a zero viscosity at an infinite rate of shear (Dash et al.