What is C-selection in linguistics?

The concept of c-selection overlaps to an extent with subcategorization. Predicates c-select the syntactic category of their complement arguments – e.g. noun (phrase), verb (phrase), adjective (phrase), etc. – i.e. they determine the syntactic category of their complements.

What is Selectional restriction rule?

Selectional restrictions are the semantic restrictions that a word imposes on the environment in which it occurs.

What is subcategorization in syntax?

Subcategorization is a concept by which differences in syntactic valency between words is expressed. Subcategorization of heads (in particular V) in terms of the phrasal categories (NP, PP, etc.) which they select as a complement. Sometimes strict subcategorization is equated with c-selection.

What is Selectional preference in NLP?

Edit. From Roberts and Egg (2014): “Selectional preferences (Katz and Fodor, 1963; Wilks, 1975; Resnik, 1993) are the tendency for a word to semantically select or constrain which other words may appear in a direct syntactic relation with it.”

What is selection category?

Use. The category selection contains all the UI elements that have various selection options. This includes: CheckBox.

What is selection in language planning?

Selection is refers to the process of selected a variety to be developed to become standard language, a variety or a language can be taken from the variety or a language that already exist, for instance the language that used for social, politic or trading purposes.

What is Selectional preference?

Selectional preference, or SP, is an important lexical knowledge that can be applied to many natural language processing tasks, like semantic error detection, metaphor detection, word sense disambiguation, syntactic parsing, semantic role labeling, and machine translation.

What is Selectional restriction violation?

“Selectional restriction violation” – it’s keeping its cards pretty close to its chest, isn’t it? All it means is this: attributing qualities or actions to something that cannot by its nature possess them – especially intentions or feelings to inanimate objects.

What is a Complementizer in grammar?

Complementizers are words that, in traditional terms, introduce a sentence–subordinate conjunctions. The function of complementizers is to mark the status of mood of a sentence: whether the event is non-real or is real, whether or not it is true or false.

Do subcategorization frames include adjuncts?

The subcategorization frames in the lexicon encode basically this. The things that are optional are the adjuncts. They are modifiers. They are not necessary but add information.

What is semantic restriction?

A limitation on what other words can go with any particular word, based on the meaning of the latter.