What is Blu famous for?

Blu street art Like most street artists, Blu began painting graffiti with spray paint. He quickly gained recognition and fame by painting a graffiti series in the suburbs of Bologna. Over the next few years into the early 2000s, Blu’s graffiti style transformed thanks to his growing use of house paint.

Which area is famous for its street art London?

One of the best areas in London for street art is Shoreditch, where the works change almost daily. Join a Shoreditch Street Art Tour to discover pieces by many of the best graffiti and stencil artists in the world, or combine your love of street art with east London food on an Eating London Tour.

Where are the Banksy in London?

Based in Docklands Poplar area, Chrisp Street is a market area that has its very own Banksy. Walk along the Limehouse Basin and past the River Lea, and you’ll be faced with cheeky wordplay and a subtle Banksy mural, referring to the phone-hacking scandal of Rupert Murdoch in 2011.

Is Cornbread still alive?

Today, McCray works as a public speaker and youth advocate. He gives motivational talks about his youth as a tagger, his run-ins with the law, and his struggles with drugs. On August 04 2021 Darryl McCray aka Cornbread married Consuela Sanchez a long time friend of many years from Philadelphia.

Where can I see a Banksy in London?

Take a Tour of Banksy’s Street Art in London

  • The Rat of Tooley Street.
  • Rivington Street His Masters Voice.
  • Graffiti Painter on Portobello Road.
  • Clipstone Street Fitzrovia.
  • Choose Your Weapon at the Grange in Camberwell.
  • Bruton Lane Shop Till You Drop.
  • Chrisp Street Phone Tap.
  • Graffiti Wallpaper of Regents Canal.

Where in London is Banksy art?

Banksy Basquiat – Golden Lane, Barbican The Banksy Basquiat appeared on Golden Lane near the Barbican in London during 2017. A tribute to Jean Michel Basquiat. The timing co-incided with an exhibition of Basquiat’s work nearby. It pays homage to an old piece by the American artist called ‘Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump’.