What is biosafety cabinet Class 2 Type A2?

A Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) provides personnel, product, and environmental protection through filtered air, laminar or unidirectional air, and a motor blower. Room air is drawn in through the front grill of the cabinet.

What is a Class 2 safety cabinet?

A Class II cabinet is defined as a ventilated cabinet for personnel, product and environmental protection for microbiological work or sterile pharmacy compounding.

What is a Level 2 cabinet?

Class 2 biological safety cabinets protect people, the environment, and work samples. These biosafety cabinets are divided into four subtypes—A1, A2, B1, and B2–depending on their airflow speeds and exhaust systems. Like Class 1 BSCs, Class 2 BSCs are appropriate for biosafety levels 1, 2, and 3.

What is the difference between A2 and B2 biosafety cabinets?

B2 cabinets are designed for work that involves volatile, toxic chemicals or radionuclides. This is in addition to the microbiological work being completed. When an A2 BSC is connected to a thimble (canopy) system or direct duct exhaust system, it too can be used with volatile chemicals or radionuclides.

What is the primary difference between the Class II type A1 A2 and B1 B2 cabinets?

NSF defines four types of Class II cabinets (A1, A2, B1 and B2) that are distinguished by differences in airflow patterns and velocities, HEPA air filter positions, ventilation rates and exhaust methods.

What are the 3 biological safety cabinets?

There are three kinds of safety cabinets, Classes I, II, and III. Class II and Class III biological safety cabinets provide personnel, environmental as well as product protection. Whereas the class I safety cabinet, which is the most basic one, provides personnel and environmental protection only.

What of air is re circulated in a Class II B2 biosafety cabinet?

Note: The cabinet exhaust needs to be hard connected to the building exhaust system. Note: The cabinet exhaust needs to be hard connected to the building exhaust system. Class II, Type B2, BSCs (Figure 6) are total exhaust cabinets; no air is recirculated. This cabinet provides both biological and chemical containment.