What is BC Street in Okinawa?

Business Center
In the 1960s and ’70s, B.C. (Business Center) Street used to be one of the liveliest streets on the whole of Okinawa. Located less than 1 km from Kadena Air Force Base, its bars and stores flourished thanks to free-spending GIs who were keen to let off steam before heading to the war in Vietnam.

Does Okinawa have a red-light district?

As a result of the two public campaigns, street sex work has dramatically increased in the red-light district in the capital of Okinawa, Naha City, rather than having been suburbanised like in Western European cities.

Where is Whisper Alley Okinawa?

Since Oct. 13, the bar and disco area near Gate 2 of Kadena Air Force base, where Club Micky and Whisper Alley are located, has been off-limits for American troops between midnight and 6 a.m. The nearby red-light district for Japanese men, Maehara, continues to flourish into the night.

Who owns Okinawa?

In 1972 the United States returned Okinawa Island to Japan, although the extensive U.S. military installations there remained operative. Area prefecture, 877 square miles (2,271 square km). Pop. (2010) 1,392,818.

Why is Okinawa famous?

Known as the “Hawaii of Japan”, Okinawa has amazing star-gazing, diving, a unique cuisine and yes, cherry blossoms too. Whatever misconceptions you might have had about this prefecture, we set the record straight.

Is Okinawa poor?

Okinawa. Okinawa is known for its beautiful nature and tourism, but it is also the most impoverished prefecture in Japan. The child poverty rate stands at nearly 30%, almost twice the national average.

Why is Okinawa so poor?

A key reason for the island’s poverty is sheer distance: Because of its long distance from the mainland, costs for transportation are high. Take Toyota, which operates an assembly plant in Iwate Prefecture.

Is Okinawa Chinese or Japanese?

Okinawa, ken (prefecture), Japan, in the Pacific Ocean. The prefecture is composed of roughly the southwestern two-thirds of the Ryukyu Islands, that archipelago forming the division between the East China Sea to the northwest and the Philippine Sea to the southeast.