What is BA9 in the brain?

Brodmann area 9, or BA9, refers to a cytoarchitecturally defined portion of the frontal cortex in the brain of humans and other primates. It contributes to the dorsolateral and medial prefrontal cortex.

What is Brodmann’s Area 44?

Brodmann area 44, or BA44, is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Situated just anterior to premotor cortex (BA6) and on the lateral surface, inferior to BA9.

What is Brodmann’s Area 45?

Brodmann area 45, or BA45, is part of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Situated on the lateral surface, inferior to BA9 and adjacent to BA46. Together with BA 44 it comprises Broca’s area a region which is involved in speech production. This area is also known as triangular area 45.

What is Brodmann’s Area 43?

The term area 43 of Brodmann (human) refers to a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined postcentral region of cerebral cortex. In the human it occupies the postcentral gyrus and the precentral gyrus between the ventrolateral extreme of the central sulcus and the depth of the lateral fissure at the insula.

What is Brodmann’s Area 11?

The main function of Brodmann area 11 is the processing of emotion and value, whereas the main function of Brodmann area 46 is the processing of cognitive information, including working memory.

Where is Brodmann area 44 and 45?

left posterior frontal cortex
Broca’s area is generally found in the left posterior frontal cortex of the human brain. This area of the brain consists of two cytoarchitectonically defined regions called Brodmann areas 44 & 45 (Also referred to as, BA44 and BA45) (Davis, 2008).

What is Brodmann’s Area 17?

Brodmann area 17 (or V1, primary, calcarine, or striate cortex) is the end organ of the afferent visual system and is situated in the occipital lobe. The upper bank of striate cortex lies superior to the calcarine fissure, and the lower bank lies below the fissure.

What does Brodmann’s area 19 do?

Brodmann area 19: Associative Visual Cortex (V3, V4 & V5) – complex processing of visual information. Brodmann area 20: Inferior Temporal Gyrus – processes visual information in the field of vision and is involved with memory.

What does Brodmann Area 41 do?

Function. Brodmann areas 41 and 42 are parts of the primary auditory cortex. This is the first cortical destination of auditory information stemming from the thalamus. Neural activity in this brain part corresponds most strongly with the objective physical properties of a sound.

Where is the Area 44?

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