What is another way to say having said?

What is another word for having said that?

at the same time but
even so however
in spite of that nevertheless
nonetheless still
though yet

How do you use the phrase having said that?

It’s expensive. Having said that, I must admit that it is very well made.

What is the word for having a say in something?

Verb. To offer an opinion. contribute. express.

What does having said that mean?

Definition of having said that : despite what one just said Their work has been fairly good. Having said that, I still think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

What does the idiom have a say mean?

To have an active and participatory role in making or influencing a decision about something.

Is Having said that rude?

Both “that said” and “that being said” are common (possibly too common) and perfectly grammatical, and sufficiently formal as well. “Having said that” is also correct, but to be correct the subject in what follows must be whoever said that (usually “I”).

Is With that being said formal?

Simply write the first sentence as normal, then add “with that being said” and a comma at the start of the second sentence. It’s also worth noting that “with that being said” sounds a bit casual, or semi-formal at best.

Is that being said grammatically correct?

“That said” is an appropriate truncation of “that having been said”, which is correct in that the clause refers back to what was just stated in the prior sentence. “That being said” is incorrect since the prior sentence is in the past, and “being said” implies simultaneity.

Had their say definition?

Definition of ‘have one’s say’ When one of the people or groups involved in a discussion has their say, they give their opinion. The Football Association have had their say.

How do I use howbeit?

Howbeit in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Howbeit I didn’t study last night I still believe I’ll do well on my test today.
  2. Howbeit Jim has never ridden a motorcycle it’s always been one of his dreams.
  3. Marcia loves chocolate; howbeit, she won’t eat it while on her diet.