What is an evidence of tectonic activity?

There is variety of evidence that supports the claims that plate tectonics accounts for (1) the distribution of fossils on different continents, (2) the occurrence of earthquakes, and (3) continental and ocean floor features including mountains, volcanoes, faults, and trenches.

What is evidence of tectonic plate movement answer key?

Evidence from fossils, glaciers, and complementary coastlines helps reveal how the plates once fit together. Fossils tell us when and where plants and animals once existed. Some life “rode” on diverging plates, became isolated, and evolved into new species.

What are the 5 evidences of plate movements?

Evidence for Plate Tectonics

  • Shape of continents. From almost the creation of the first true maps of the Earth, people started seeing how continents would be able to fit together.
  • Location of mountains and fossils.
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
  • Hot Spot Volcanoes.

What is plate tectonics activity?

The movement of the plates is responsible for the formation of ocean basins, mountain ranges, islands, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Important concepts in the theory of plate tectonics include the following: The ocean floors are continually moving — spreading from the center, sinking at the edges, and being regenerated.

What are the four pieces of evidence for plate tectonics?

Alfred Wegener, in the first three decades of this century, and DuToit in the 1920s and 1930s gathered evidence that the continents had moved. They based their idea of continental drift on several lines of evidence: fit of the continents, paleoclimate indicators, truncated geologic features, and fossils.

Where does tectonic activity occur?

Answer and Explanation: Tectonic activity occurs around plate boundaries. Plate boundaries are areas on Earth where two crustal plates meet each other.

What evidence supports the Theory of plate tectonics quizlet?

What are the five main pieces of evidence for the Theory of Plate Tectonics? Magnetic striping, Age of the ocean’s crust rocks, Coral islands, The position of ocean trenches and the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Which of the following is an important piece of evidence for plate tectonics?

Volcanic activity and sea-floor spreading at the mid-ocean ridges are the most recent evidence of plate tectonics.

What is the relationship between these activities and the tectonic plates of the earth?

Most volcanoes and earthquakes are caused by the motion and inter- action of Earth’s plates. here, Earth’s plates are in contact with one another and can slide beneath each other. The way Earth’s plates interact at boundaries is an important factor in the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes.

What is the strongest piece of evidence for plate tectonics?

Stripes of magnetic material in the seafloor provide strong evidence for tectonic theory. The stripes alternate between those with magnetic material orientated toward magnetic north, and those oriented in the opposite direction. Seafloor spreading is the mechanism behind this phenomenon.

What evidence supports the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift?

Fossil Evidence One type of evidence that strongly supported the Theory of Continental Drift is the fossil record. Fossils of similar types of plants and animals in rocks of a similar age have been found on the shores of different continents, suggesting that the continents were once joined.