What is a SIPOC template?

A SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers) diagram is a visual tool for documenting a business process from beginning to end prior to implementation. SIPOC (pronounced sigh-pock) diagrams are also referred to as high level process maps because they do not contain much detail.

How do you write a SIPOC?

How to make a SIPOC diagram from scratch (with examples)

  1. SIPOC step #1: Choose the process you’re defining.
  2. SIPOC step #2: Create the SIPOC diagram’s table.
  3. SIPOC step #3: Label each column.
  4. SIPOC step #4: Note down the process you’re tackling.
  5. SIPOC step #5: Define the scope.
  6. SIPOC step #6: Identify the suppliers.

Why is the SIPOC model used in the Six Sigma process?

A SIPOC diagram can ensure no shadow falls on your project. The acronym SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customer. Using information from these five areas creates a process map that gives a high-level overview of a Six Sigma project.

Is SIPOC a process map?

In practical terms, SIPOC is a process mapping and improvement method that summarizes the inputs and outputs of one or more processes using a SIPOC diagram. Some organizations use the opposite acronym COPIS, which puts the customer requirements first and illustrates the value of the customer to the organization.

What is the benefit of SIPOC?

SIPOC brings transparency and alignment about the process across the organization. Provides a high-level project overview for strategic management. Can be used for process documentation and templates for processes and projects. SIPOC can be used as training material for onboarding.

What is SIPOC PDF?

SIPOC is an abbreviation of: Suppliers – Inputs – Process – Outputs – Customers. It provides a “template” for defining a process, before you begin to map, measure, or improve it.

What is the primary use of SIPOC?

In process improvement, a SIPOC (sometimes COPIS) is a tool that summarizes the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form. It is used to define a business process from beginning to end before work begins.

What is the primary use of a SIPOC?

Why is SIPOC useful?

SIPOC provides a general overview of a business process. It helps people to understand that process by visually summarizing the suppliers, inputs, process functions, outputs, and customers. This visual summary is usually presented in a large table format, often on a wall or white board.