What is a similar word to agriculture?

farming. nounproducing crops, raising animals. agriculture. agronomics. agronomy.

What is agriculture one word?

Agriculture describes the practice of growing crops or raising animals. Someone who works as a farmer is in the agriculture industry. The Latin root of agriculture is agri, or “field,” plus cultura, “cultivation.” Cultivating a piece of land, or planting and growing food plants on it, is largely what agriculture means.

What words go with farm?


  • acreage.
  • estate.
  • field.
  • garden.
  • grassland.
  • homestead.
  • lawn.
  • meadow.

What are the vocabulary of agriculture?

Agriculture is the science and art of growing crops and livestock….Farming and Agriculture Terms Vocabulary.

Word Meaning
commercial agriculture production of food primarily for sale off the farm
prime agricultural land most productive farmland
Agribusiness commercial farming
shifting cultivation slash and burn farming

How do I name my farm?

Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow as you think of the perfect name for your farm.

  1. Call it by your name. One of the most obvious ways to name your farm is to use your surname.
  2. Consider geography.
  3. Mind your mission.
  4. Learn your land’s history.
  5. Make sure it is unique.
  6. Dole wordplay out carefully.

What are the vocabulary of farming?

Farming and Agriculture Terms Vocabulary

Word Meaning
crop rotation rotating the use of different fields from crop to crop each year
plantation large farm that specializes in one or two crops
cereal grain oats, wheat, rye, and barley
milkshed ring surrounding a city from which milk can be supplied without spoiling

What’s a good farm name?

Cute Farm and Ranch Names

  • Cozy Calico Farm.
  • Honeybuzz Meadow.
  • Sweet Clover Fields.
  • Lamb’s Lettuce Cottage.
  • Seedling Creek Cottage.
  • The Marigold Abode.
  • The Pig Patch.
  • Bumblebee Barn.

Which word means related to agriculture or farming?

agrarian adjective
agrarian. adjective. formal relating to or involving farming or farmers.