What is a shot list in film?

A shot list is a document that maps out exactly what will occur and what will be used in that particular shot, or scene, of the film. But, why is a shot list important? It serves as a detailed checklist that gives the video a sense of direction and prepares the crew for film expectations.

Was Brandon Lee shot with a real gun?

In the film shoot preceding the fatal scene, the gun that was used as a prop (a real revolver) was loaded with improperly made dummy rounds, improvised from live cartridges that had the powder charges removed by the special effects crew, so in close-ups the revolver would show normal-looking ammunition.

How many types of film shots are there?

There are three different types of basic camera shots which include: the close-up, medium shot, and the long shot.

Why are longshots used?

A long shot or wide shot is all about characterization and can set a strong tone for a photo or movie. Using a long shot, you can capture the entire subject from head to toe. In photography and videography, long shots are one of the best ways to define the subject you’re shooting in relation to their background.

Which lens is for long shot?

A long lens such as 80mm, 135mm or 200mm has a narrower field of view. Plus, any subjects in your composition can appear very close to the camera. A telephoto or long lens falls into the latter category of having a longer focal length.

What is a Mid long shot?

Medium long shot: somewhere between a medium shot and a full shot, showing the subject from the knees up. Also called a ¾ shot.

How do you number shots?

US numbering Scenes are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc and each shot is numbered A, B, C. First shot in scene 6 is numbered 6A and the second shot is numbered 6B. If you need to insert a scene before scene 6, this scene will be numbered scene A6.

Does a prop gun have real bullets?

What is a prop gun? Blanks are used in the film industry to imitate live ammunition. The reason they are so convincing is that blanks are essentially modified real bullets.

Are prop guns real guns?

Prop firearms are either real guns or specifically made to be blank firing only. Blank ammunition has a cartridge that when fired produces realistic effects such as noise, smoke, a muzzle flash and recoil, they contain gunpowder but does not have a bullet.

Why are long shots used in film?

What is master shot in film?

Put simply, a master shot is a film recording of an entire dramatized scene, beginning to end, from a camera angle that keeps all the characters in view. A master shot truly needs to show everything in a scene from start to finish.