What is a PDU power cord?

Description. The most commonly used power cord in data centers, this cable is used to connect PCs to power distribution units (PDUs). It is essential to have the right length power cord in your data center. It maximizes organization and efficiency while preventing interference.

What is a C14?

Most desktop computers use the C14 inlet to attach the power cord to the power supply, as do many instrument amplifiers, monitors, printers and other peripherals.

Is a PDU the same as a surge protector?

No, PDUs do not have surge protection.

What is PDU stand for?


Acronym Definition
PDU Packet Data Unit
PDU Power Drive Unit (F-16 leading edge flap hydraulic motor)
PDU Project Delivery Unit (various agencies)
PDU Practice Development Unit (hospitals)

Can I use C15 instead of C13?

These connectors work on the temperature rating of 120°C. IEC-C13 connectors are rated at 15A/250V locally and at 10A/250V internationally with the temperature rating of 65°C. So when you need a power cord device having high temperature, you can use C15 instead of C13.

What is IEC C15?

The Lindy Hot Conditioned IEC extension cables are perfect for connecting your monitor or PC to a UPS (uninterupted power supply). The C15 connector is rated at 120° and is known as a “kettle lead”.

What is IEC cable?

The International Electrotechnical Commission, commonly known as the IEC, is the world’s leading independent non-profit international standard-setting organisation for electrical, electronic and related technologies.

Can you plug a PDU into a surge protector?

In general, UPS systems have surge suppression already and you can just use a PDU without surge suppression if you need additional outlets.

Is PDU necessary?

Almost every Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) equipment rack used to support and protect storage, compute or network equipment requires a rack-mount power distribution unit (PDU) or power strip to distribute power to equipment.