What is a mini plan ticket?

This 8-game Mini-Plan Ticket Package, is one of the favorite mini-plan packages we offer! With this plan, you will save over 25% Off regular ticket prices, sit in the same Box Seats (100 seating level) for all of the pre-selected games in your package and enjoy flexible ticket exchanges.

How much do Anaheim Ducks season tickets cost?

Plan Pricing

Plaza Goal Upper West $2,094 $95
Plaza Goal Upper East $1,830 $83
Ducks Only Club $2,867 $130
Terrace Lower West B & C $1,342 $61
Seating Level Plan Price Avg. Ticket

How much are duck game tickets?

How much are Anaheim Ducks tickets? You can find Ducks tickets for as low as $14.00, with an average ticket price of $60.00.

How much do Oregon Duck football season tickets cost?

Oregon Football 2021 Season Tickets Season tickets are available via Ticketmaster and start at $376 for upper-level sections in the corners of the end zones. Prices for season tickets go as high as $2,440 for Club Level seating and Club Boxes. 3-game flex plans are also available.

What is a Rockies passport?

A: A Rockies Passport is a mobile-only ticketing option with tickets available through the MLB Ballpark app and your My Rockies Account. For more information about mobile ticketing, visit our Mobile Ticket page.

What are cheapest NHL tickets?

National Hockey League average ticket price by team in 2019/20 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Ticket price in U.S. dollars
Toronto Maple Leafs 128.69
New York Rangers 120.93
Chicago Blackhawks 109.23
Vegas Golden Knights 104.36

Can you buy Anaheim Ducks tickets at the stadium?

Can I Buy Anaheim Ducks Tickets at the Arena? You can purchase tickets at the arena, but it depends on availability and you might wind up paying a much higher price.

How do I buy Oregon Ducks tickets?

Also, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-WEBFOOT. CLICK HERE to view tickets posted on our Ticket Marketplace powered by Ticketmaster. Ticket Marketplace is the safest way to buy and sell tickets to Oregon football games. All tickets are guaranteed to be authentic.

How much are Pac 12 championship tickets?

Fans looking for Pac 12 Football Championship tickets during this season will find them in a price range from $310.00 to $447.00, while $348.00 is currently the average price of tickets per game.

What is the Infiniti club at Coors Field?

Inside the legendary Coors Field, INFINITI has a section of exclusive seats behind home plate, offering a premium experience to both INFINITI retailers and customers in the Denver area. Newly renovated, INFINITI also has a luxurious INFINITI Club, containing delicious food, drinks, and more for lucky ticketholders.