What is a duology book?

As a two-part series, the duology is unique in its role as mediator between stand-alones and trilogies. It has the ability to split a story up into two cohesive, dynamic parts, without slowing the pace or diverging from the overall plot. If done well, duologies are potentially the best types of series there is.

What is the difference between duology and trilogy?

The key point is that a single novel split into three pieces is never a trilogy, nor is a single novel split into two pieces a dilogy or duology. They are just serialized novels.

What is a series of two books called?

So, just in case you guys are interested, here it is: A series of 2 books = Duology. A series of 3 books = Trilogy. A series of 4 books = Tetralogy. A series of 5 books = Pentalogy.

How do you write a duology?

How to Write a Trilogy in 6 Steps

  1. Step 1: Study popular trilogies in your genre.
  2. Step 2: Pick your driving force.
  3. Step 3: Choose your plot structure.
  4. Step 4: Outline every book on a trilogy map.
  5. Step 5: Write the first book, one word at a time.
  6. Step 6: Publish the first book and start collecting feedback.

Is dance of thieves a duology?

DANCE OF THIEVES is a two-book duology that comes out next August. It is set in the Remnant Universe–same setting, new kingdoms and characters. And maybe a glimpse : ) of some old favorites.

What is a series of 7 books called?

A heptalogy (from Greek ἑπτα- hepta-, “seven” and -λογία -logia, “discourse”), also known as a septology, is a compound literary or narrative work that is made up of seven distinct works.

What is a 7 book series called?

What books do lesbians read?

Lesbian Fiction Books

  • The Price of Salt (1952) – Patricia Highsmith.
  • The Color Purple (1982) – Alice Walker.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (1987) – Fannie Flagg.
  • Stone Butch Blues (1993) – Leslie Feinberg.
  • Fingersmith (2002) – Sarah Waters.
  • Sing You Home (2011) – Jodi Picoult.

Is the first sister sapphic?

Casually queer in all of the best ways and tackling race, power, silence, and loyalty, this debut series is perfectly paced and wonderfully thrilling.