What is a CPH4 drug?

A blue crystalline synthetic drug called CPH4 (finction name) that make someone reach 100% brain capacity. The real chemical name is 6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase. CPH4 is a molecule that the pregnant woman is making it after six weeks of pregnancy. in very – very tiny quantities.

What does CPH4 do to the body?

CPH4 is produced in the body and is needed for formation of tetrahydrobiopterin, which is a cofactor of aromatic amino acid hydroxylase. However, the chemical does not have the effect that was shown in the movie. It does not have any neurological effects, let alone an ability to enhance our brain powers.

What is CPH4 based on?

Based on human cerebral capacity, Johansson plays Lucy, a young student living in Taiwan who is tricked into working as a drug mule when the leader of a Korean mob inserts a kilo of CPH4 into her abdominal as a means of transport to Europe.

Can you buy CPH4?

NZT-48 is fictional and CPH4 is a fictional drug based on a real substance. So, are there any real life smart drugs or brain boosters similar to either fictional drug? The answer is no. But powerful cognitive enhancing drugs do exist.

What is CPH4 made of?

6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase (EC 4.1. 2.50, CPH4 synthase, queD (gene), ToyB , ykvK (gene)) is an enzyme with systematic name 7,8-dihydroneopterin 3′-triphosphate acetaldehyde-lyase (6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin and triphosphate-forming). This enzyme catalyses the following reversible chemical reaction.

What happens when Lucy reaches 100?

It’s a cool concept with a laughably outdated ending. At the end of the movie, Johansson, a hard-partying college student, is able to utilize 100% of her brain and she transforms into an immortal being.

Is Lucy film real?

No, the concepts are fictional and are not true. It is just a myth about using of 10% of your brain. But exceptionally the movie is really cool. Originally Answered: Is the movie “Lucy” based on real theory?

How do you use 100% of your brain like Lucy?

With that in mind, here are seven simple methods to boost your brain capacity and improve intelligence.

  1. Meditate.
  2. Regularly exercise.
  3. Write.
  4. Listen to some Mozart.
  5. Laugh.
  6. A healthy diet.
  7. Get plenty of sleep.

Will there be a Lucy 2?

EuropaCorp is moving forward with Lucy 2, a sequel to Luc Besson’s 2014 film Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.

What are Lucy’s powers?

Telepathy: Lucy can now enter people’s memories by touching one of their shoulders. Sleep control: Lucy was able to put half a dozen policemen to sleep in one hand gesture. Telekinesis: Lucy was able to repel men violently from a distance without making any gestures.