What is a antonym for foray?

Opposite of to invade or foray into, especially to plunder. evacuate. lose. retreat. surrender.

What is a synonym for foray?

Synonyms for foray (into) invade, overrun, raid.

What does foray mean?

foray \FOR-ay\ noun. 1 : a sudden or irregular invasion or attack for war or spoils : raid. 2 : an initial and often tentative attempt to do something in a new or different field or area of activity.

What are the antonyms meaning?

word of opposite meaning
Definition of antonym : a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

How do you use foray?

Foray in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Before their foray into enemy territory, a scouting party was sent to observe the guard stations.
  2. The aging senator told the voters that this election would be his final foray into the world of politics.

Is foray a common word?

Foray is most commonly a noun, a quick raid, usually made for the purpose of robbing something or, more broadly, any quick and sudden attack. Figuratively, a venture outside your customary activity is also a foray.

What is an example of foray?

The definition of a foray is a sudden short attack or move into enemy territory, or is an effort to branch out and try something new. When a military force suddenly goes into the territory of its enemy, this is an example of a foray.

How would I use foray in a sentence?

Foray sentence example. He appears to have conducted an expedition to Ireland in 1327, and on his return led a foray into England. Bianca will be making an occasional foray into Drama lessons. The company’s foray into non-animal tests reflects the growing dependence of drug makers on such tests.

Is it a synonym or antonym?

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings. Homonyms are words that are spelled and pronounced the same but have different meanings.