What instrument did Candido Camero play?

Cándido Camero Guerra (22 April 1921 – 7 November 2020), known simply as Cándido, was a Cuban conga and bongo player. He is considered a pioneer of Afro-Cuban jazz and an innovator in conga drumming….

Cándido Camero
Instruments Conga, bongo, tres, bass
Labels ABC-Paramount, Blue Note, Roulette, Polydor, Salsoul, Chesky

Is Candido Camero still alive?

November 7, 2020Cándido Camero / Date of death

Who was the first conga player in jazz?

Cándido Camero
So well known and respected, his first name alone—Cándido—was all that is necessary for jazz aficionados to know who he was. Credited with being the first percussionist to bring conga drumming to jazz, Cándido Camero was also known for his contributions to the development of mambo and Afro-Cuban jazz.

How are the congas played?

The drums are played with the fingers and palms of the hand. Typical congas stand approximately 75 centimetres (30 in) from the bottom of the shell to the head. The drums may be played while seated. Alternatively, the drums may be mounted on a rack or stand to permit the player to play while standing.

Who is Candido in The Tortilla Curtain?

Cándido is América’s husband and the father of Socorro. At 33 years of age, Cándido is extremely superstitious and considers himself a cursed man.

Who made Latin jazz?

Latin jazz came to prominence as a musical genre in the 1940s, when Afro-Cuban musicians in Spanish Harlem such as Mario Bauzá and Chano Pozo began to collaborate with African American jazz musicians.

What is traditional Cuban music called?

Danzón. Danzón is the official music and dance of Cuba and dates back to the late 1800s. Danzón isn’t just an important root of music and dance in Cuban culture – it’s an important basis for world music in general.

Is it hard to play congas?

Popularized when Latin and salsa music made its way into America, the conga drum is an easy to enjoy instrument. Anyone who picks up a conga drum will want to spend hours tapping away and experimenting with sounds.

What happened to Candido and América the first time that they tried to cross the border?

What happened to Cándido and América the first time that they tried to cross the border? THEY WERE ROBBED, AND AMÉRICA WAS NEARLY RAPED, BY ANOTHER GROUP OF MEXICANS.