What happens at a poukai?

The major and longest phase of a poukai is the ceremonial welcome given to the Mäori monarch and his or her suite. The welcoming ceremony is followed by a lavish meal offered to the representatives of the Mäori royal house and other attendants by the local organising marae community.

What is the purpose of poukai?

The Poukai is a kaupapa where Kawe Mate (grieving families) can attend as a tribute to their loved ones who have died recently. The Poukai calendar runs until the end of the year with most of the marae in the Waikato- Tainui region, King Country and the Bay of Plenty.

What is a Kawemate?

Kawe mate means “carrying the dead.” This tikanga takes place after the death of a loved one. It invokes her or his memory, with a representation of that person as a potent visual symbol.

Where is poukai held?

Poukai is a time of remembrance. Since the first Poukai held in 1885 at Whatiwhatihoe, Poukai has spread to 31 Marae around the North Island from Shannon to Te Teko and the wider Waikato region. It continues today through the presence of King Tuheitia.

What is the Poukai of the Māori?

The Poukai is an annual series of visits by the Māori king to Kīngitanga marae around and beyond the Waikato region, a tradition that dates back to the late 19th century.

Who can attend the Koroneihana celebrations?

It is an open invitation to visitors from Aotearoa and throughout the world, to join and to celebrate the unique and important customs and traditions of Kīngitanga, and of Māori.

What happens at Koroneihana?

Today Te Koroneihana is a calling together of all Māori to discuss important issues, as well as the bringing together of a continuous and highly regarded genealogy.

What do you wear to a tangi?

Dress Code: Males, please wear dark trousers and shirt; Women, please wear a black or dark below-knee skirt or dress. Three waiata tautoko (supporting songs for speakers) have been provided with links to videos.

Whats the meaning of tangi?

a Maori funeral rite
: a Maori funeral rite also : a lamentation or dirge that accompanies it. tangi.

What does Pouakai meaning?

old glutton
The South Island. Maori tell the story of Pouakai, a gigantic bird of prey which terrorised the local people. Pouakai (literally ‘old glutton’) would regularly swoop down and carry off men, women and children to its eyrie on Mt Torlesse.

Why is the Koroneihana important?

Each year Koroneihana attracts hundreds of visitors nationally and internationally and brings together iwi from across the motu (country) who support the Kiingitanga, the Maaori King movement which emerged in the 1850s as a symbol of unity.

Where does the Māori King Live?

The current Māori monarch, Tūheitia Paki, was elected in 2006 and his official residence is Tūrongo House at Tūrangawaewae marae in the town of Ngāruawāhia. Tūheitia is the seventh monarch since the position was created and is the continuation of a dynasty that reaches back to the inaugural king, Pōtatau Te Wherowhero.