What happened to Terry Deitz son?

Deitz’s 17-year-old son, Danny, had an enlarged heart and needed an transplant. After more than two months in the hospital, he received a new heart. Deitz, 56, tells PEOPLE about the scary experience and how his son is doing today. It was such an emotional situation to watch you get pulled from the game.

Who are the final three in Survivor season 31?

After 39 days of high-octane gameplay which also saw one evacuation, Jeremy Collins won the title of Sole Survivor in the series’ fourth unanimous jury vote, defeating Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox in a 10-0-0 vote.

Did Spencer ever win Survivor?

Spencer Bledsoe, a two-time “Survivor” player who came close to winning both “Cagayan” (Season 28) and “Cambodia” (Season 31), has some ideas for how to revamp CBS’s long-running reality TV show. As he recently told EW, “’Survivor’ needs to be radically re-invented.

Who got second place on Survivor 31?

Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance is the 31st season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor….

Survivor: Cambodia
Winner Jeremy Collins
Runner-up Tasha Fox Spencer Bledsoe
Location Koh Rong, Cambodia
Country of origin United States

Who Won Survivor 31?

Jeremy CollinsSurvivor: Cambodia / Winner
Season 31: Jeremy Collins Jeremy was the winner of Season 31, with a 10-0-0 vote over Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox. That season’s location was Cambodia and America got to vote in 20 players for their “Second Chance.” He originally competed in “San Juan del Sur” and later returned in “Winners at War.”

Where is Spencer Survivor now?

Survivor Cagayan’s Spencer Bledsoe now hosts a mental health podcast, “Redeeming Disorder,” and travels South America with his girlfriend.

What Survivor contestant did Jeff date?

Contestant Julie Berry
Berry is a Maine native, and she has a Master’s degree in educational psychology and counseling from California State University, Northridge.