What happened to Kizami in Corpse Party?

As Yuuya catches up he stops near the science lab and taunts Yuka. While he does so, he is attacked and killed by Yoshikazu. His corpse is dragged off into the science room by Yoshikazu, whilst Sachiko watches.

What happens if morishige catches Yuka?

Morishige begins to approach Yuka, and she takes a step back. Morishige will chase us through multiple rooms, but he’s really really slow. Unless you dilly dally, you won’t see him again after exiting the first room. This is what happens if he catches you.

Who killed Sachiko in Corpse Party?

Strangled by Takamine. For the Woman in Red, see Woman in Red. Sachiko Shinozaki (篠崎 サチコ, Shinozaki Sachiko?), or Shinozaki (篠崎, Shinozaki?) (1937/1946 – 1953) is a character introduced in CORPSE-PARTY and was the main antagonist of the Heavenly Host saga in the Corpse Party series.

Who survives in Corpse Party Tortured Souls?

So they have to escape the school but unfortunately in the true ending of the game only Satoshi, Yuka, Naomi, Ayumi, & Yoshiki survive as the rest are killed: Seiko is hung by a possessed Naomi, Mayu is thrown into a wall and pulverized by 2 of the ghost kids, Sakuroto committed suicide upon learning of Mayu’s death.

What does Kizami mean?

Noun. kizami (uncountable) A shredded form of nori used in Japanese dishes.

What happened to Ayumi in Corpse Party?

Following Ending Rank: C in the original CORPSE-PARTY, Ayumi was caught and killed by the anatomical model 8 years ago at the science lab of the abandoned schoolhouse. She was with Yoshiki Kishinuma at the time.

What happened to sakutaro morishige?

After they’ve finished changing into the costumes, Sakutaro decides to go ahead first and checks if there are traps ahead. However, he meets his demise as his body is severed into two by sharp piano wire. Yoshiki grieves over Sakutaro’s death, but soon follows Sakutaro’s fate, severed off by the sharp piano wire.

How old is Sachiko Shinozaki?

Sachiko Shinozaki

Collapse Characteristics
Age 16 years old (CORPSE-PARTY) 7 years old (BCRF)
Sex Female
Height 124 cm / 4’0″
Weight 21.3 kg / 47 lbs

Does Seiko have a crush on Naomi?

Seiko says that she loves Naomi and that she wants to marry, hug, and kiss her.