What happened to Dende in Dragon Ball Z?

Dende is killed by Frieza.

Who did Dende have a crush on?

Dende is generally depicted as being homosexual in the Abridged version of the series, and has a massive crush on Gohan.

How old is Dende in Dragon Ball Z?

Gender Male
Date of birth Age 757
Date of death December 24, Age 762 (Revived )
Address Kami’s Lookout

Does Dende heal Vegeta?

Dende heals Vegeta After being revived by the Dragon Balls, and later being named Guardian of Earth during the Cell Games Saga, Dende uses this ability sporadically throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

Is Dende a boy or girl?

Dende (デンデ lit. Denden) is a young Namekian boy who has a rare gift that allows him to heal others. Dende’s first appearance was in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai, when Gohan and Krillin rescued him from Dodoria and the rest of Frieza’s brutes.

Is Dende still alive?

He is killed when the planet explodes, but Whis uses his Temporal Do-Over technique to undo the damage, undoing Dende’s death in the process.

Is Dende a God?

Dende (デンデ, Dende) is a Namekian with a unique gift that allows him to heal others. He is the 108th son of Grand Elder Guru. On Goku’s request, Dende becomes the Earth’s Guardian in Kami’s place.

Why did Piccolo grow up faster than Dende?

Piccolo is a fighting-type Namekian, whereas Dende is of the Dragon Clan. It is possible that rapid growth to maturity is natural for fighting-types so that they can be the protectors and defenders better. Piccolo is a reincarnation of Daimao, and this may have had some impact on accelerating his growth.

Why is Dende a kid in super?

Yea, he was suppost to be tall from the Buu saga on being he aged. Later he is seen as a kid again. This wasn’t Toei’s fault it was actually Akira Toriyamas. Dende was accidentally drawn in the manga like that so Toei used it to.

Who is the strongest Kai?

North Kai. North Kai, also known as King Kai, is the governor of the north quadrant and a big part of the series. He is the strongest out of the four Kais because his fighters showed exceptional skill despite seeming more human than the others. His fighters also reached the semi and final stages of the tournament.

What is Piccolo’s real name?

The Nameless Namekian, later referred to as Piccolo (or mistakenly “Kamiccolo”) is a Namekian, and the son of Katas. He was originally one being until he separated the evil out of his body, becoming Kami and removing King Piccolo from his soul.