What happened to a boy named Tom on The Voice?

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom, who was crowned champion of Season 21 of The Voice, revealed that their father, Chris Liechty, has died. Chris was battling terminal cancer and Josh (24), Caleb (26), and Bekah Liechty (20) were open about their father’s illness while on the show. On Sunday (Jan.

Did a Girl Named Tom win on The Voice?

On Dec. 14, Girl Named Tom won Season 21 of “The Voice,” the first time a group had done so. That night, however, the trio posted a message to Twitter in which they announced their father was “in horrific pain” after a surgery and that they would be flying to Ohio “as soon as possible” to be with family.

How did a Girl Named Tom do on The Voice?

Girl Named Tom made history on The Voice as the winners of Season 21. As well as becoming the first group to win the show, the sibling trio was the first of the show’s artists to have four songs on the iTunes Top 10 list simultaneously.

Is the group a girl name Tom still on The Voice?

What is this? Girl Named Tom’s closed out season 21 of The Voice by making history as the first-ever trio to make it to the finale and win the overall competition.

Is Girl Named Tom’s dad still alive?

Girl Named Tom are mourning the loss of their father, Chris Liechty, who passed away following a long battle with terminal cancer. The Season 21 winners of NBC’s The Voice and fast-rising trio, consisting of siblings Caleb, Joshua and Bekah Liechty, took to social media on Sunday (Jan.

What happened to Girl Named Tom’s father?

Following their historic win on Season 21 of The Voice and daytime TV debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the sibling trio, Girl Named Tom, shared the disheartening news that their father, Chris Liechty, had lost his battle to cancer and passed away.

What happened to a Girl Named Tom’s dad?

Who coached a Girl Named Tom?

Kelly Clarkson cemented herself as the winning coach of Season 21 of The Voice when the band Girl Named Tom — consisting of siblings Caleb Liechty, 26, Joshua Liechty, 24, and Bekah Liechty, 20 — made history as the first-ever non-solo act to win the singing competition show.

How many times has Kelly Clarkson won The Voice?

2: Kelly Clarkson. The singer has won The Voice four times: Season 14 (Brynn Cartelli)

Are Girl Named Tom Mennonite?

The Liechtys were raised Mennonite in a small Ohio town, and before they found fame as performers — Girl Named Tom has become the first-ever group to win “The Voice” in the 21-season history of the show — they were singing in their church in the village of Archbold.

Why is Holly on The Voice bald?

When Holly was around 11 years old, she began experiencing seizures. The doctors ended up putting her on medication that made her hair brittle and patchy. Due to the variety of drugs she had to take, it eventually resulted in her losing all her hair completely. She said: “For a kid, it’s not easy being bald.