What happened in chapter 10 of Song of Solomon?

Circe is intentionally letting the dogs destroy the mansion. Circe gives Milkman directions to Hunter’s Cave, where he secretly hopes to find the gold. However, when Milkman finally locates the cave, he discovers that there is no gold.

Where does milkman go at the end of Chapter 10?

Milkman takes a plane to Pittsburgh, relishing the flight, and then takes a bus to Danville, Pennsylvania, the town nearest Lincoln’s Heaven.

What does Guitar mean when he says everyone wants the life of a black man?

Guitar responds that his family merely wants his life. Guitar continues to explain that everybody wants the life of a black man. Everybody wants to control him, each in his or her own way. There wasn’t any gold, but now he knew that all the fine reasons for wanting it didn’t mean a thing.

Why does milkman want the gold?

For much of his life, Milkman believes that flight is a form of escape. After growing tired of Hagar, he wants to escape their relationship, and in large part, he wants Pilate’s gold so that he can escape his town and his economic dependence on his father and travel elsewhere.

What was Hagar hungry for?

The five of them begin to gingerly pull the berries off the brambles. They sit around talking about how Guitar got his name (he wanted a guitar when he was little), how Reba wins everything (people come far and wide to have her buy lotto tickets and things), and about how Hagar is hungry (sexually).

How did milkman change in Song of Solomon?

Over the course of the novel, Milkman changes from a callow, selfish man, willing to do almost anything to gain independence from his family, into a deeply moral, selfless man who is almost completely indifferent to material things.

What does flight mean in Song of Solomon?

of Escape
Flight as a Means of Escape While flight can be an escape from constricting circumstances, it also scars those who are left behind. Solomon’s flight allowed him to leave slavery in the Virginia cotton fields, but it also meant abandoning his wife, Ryna, with twenty-one children.

What happens to Guitar in Song of Solomon?

Both Pilate and Guitar share a tragic past: Both have witnessed the deaths of their fathers at a very young age. But although Pilate copes with her grief, goes on with her life, and keeps her father’s memory alive, Guitar is unable to cope with his grief. Instead, he allows his grief to control his life.

What does the ginger smell mean in Song of Solomon?

In Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, the pungent scent of ginger has a mysteriously strong, mood-altering power, which causes characters to fall to a dream-like state of mind and is present during characters’ defining moments.

What does the peacock symbolize in Song of Solomon?

Milkman and Guitar’s encounter with the white peacock recalls the scene in Chapter 7 in which Macon, upon discovering the sacks of gold nuggets, imagines a life of luxury that “fanned out before him like the tail-spread of a peacock.” Noted for its ostentatious and brilliantly colored tail, the peacock symbolizes pride …

Why can’t Guitar eat sweets?

Real sweet. Guitar explains to Milkman the reason why he hates sugar and sweet food. Even describing this childhood memory makes him wretch and vomit near the sidewalk. The detail supports the idea that childhood memories have an enormous impact on a person’s eventual character and behaviors.