What flooring can you put over asbestos tiles?

LIVING WITH ASBESTOS TILE New vinyl, laminate flooring, hardwood, engineered floating flooring, and carpeting can all be successfully installed over asbestos tiles. Even ceramic, slate, and stone tiles can be installed on top, as long as a fiber-cement backer is installed first.

How do you cover old asbestos floor tiles?

Encapsulation with a sealant is probably the easiest way to go. Purchase a good sealant that is made for vinyl flooring as asbestos tile is a type of vinyl flooring material. Make sure that you have a full face respirator, gloves and any other recommended personal protective equipment.

Can you cement over asbestos tile?

The self-leveling concrete can be applied to various thicknesses and will dry as a smooth topcoat over the primed tiles. Once cured, the underlying tiles will be fully encapsulated and not at risk of crumbling with age. There is no danger for asbestos exposure now, unless the floor is drilled or cut into.

Is it OK to tile over old tile?

So, in short, you can tile over tile as long as you’re working on a fairly sound surface. The surface of the existing tile should be free of mold and mildew, completely level (including grout), and without any warping or strangely-placed tiles that might otherwise interfere with a smooth new layer.

Can you cover over asbestos?

By fully enclosing the asbestos on your home with vinyl or aluminium exterior cladding you can safeguard it against future damage. It may be best to simply clad over asbestos sheeting if: The asbestos-based material is in a good, sound condition. You don’t wish to paint over asbestos on a regular basis.

How do you encapsulate asbestos tiles?

Don’t remove asbestos tiles, but safely encapsulate them using products such as PerfectPrimer or PerfectPaint. These products allow you to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos black mastic tiles. These products allow you to safely seal, prime, and paint asbestos black mastic tiles.

Is it safe to leave asbestos tiles in place?

Asbestos is safe and legal to remain in homes or public buildings as long as the asbestos materials are in good condition and the asbestos can not be released into the air. Generally the safest approach is to leave such flooring alone and to cover it with a coating or with another layer of flooring.

How do you cover asbestos?

Sealing (encapsulation) involves treating the material with a sealant that either binds the asbestos fibers together or coats the material so fibers are not released. Pipe, furnace and boiler insulation can sometimes be repaired this way. This should be done only by a professional trained to handle asbestos safely.

Can you epoxy over asbestos tile?

It only takes a single coat of PerfectPrimer to safely seal asbestos black mastic too. Once this coat has dried, applying Epoxy over black mastic becomes easy. Once this coat has dried, workers can then apply the epoxy which can bond to PerfectPrimer flawlessly.

Can you put new ceramic tile over old?

If your old ceramic tile is worn or dated, you can lay new tile right over the old, and avoid the huge job of tearing out the old tile. In fact, pros do it all the time.