What episode does Austin give Ally a necklace?

“Homework & Hidden Talents” originally know as “Dance Routines & Dude Pageants” is the 5th episode in Season 4 of Austin & Ally.

What episode is girlfriends and girl friends?

“Girlfriends & Girl Friends” is the eighth episode of Season Two of the sitcom Austin & Ally. It aired on January 27, 2013.

What is Austin Moon’s favorite color?

His favorite color is orange. His favorite marsupial is the wallaby.

What episode of Austin and Ally do Trish and Dez date?

“Girlfriends & Girl Friends” is the 8th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 27th episode overall. It aired on January 27th, 2013 to 3.966 million viewers.

Does Trish and Dez date?

Trez (Tr/ish and D/ez) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Trish De La Rosa and Dez Wade. At the beginning of the series they were “frenemies”, but throughout the series, they develop a close friendship, though they still bicker some times. For the real-life pairing of Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, see Caini.

What episode of Austin and Ally is Maddie Ziegler?

Homework & Hidden Talents
Acting credits

Year Series Notes
2012 Drop Dead Diva Guest, Episode ‘Lady Parts’
2015 Austin & Ally Guest, Episode ‘Homework & Hidden Talents’
2015 Pretty Little Liars Guest, Episode ‘She’s No Angel’

When did Austin and Ally start dating?

Austin realized his feelings for Ally in Campers & Complications and they almost kissed in the end of the episode. Austin and Ally shared their first kiss in Chapters & Choices, but Kira ruined the moment saying she’d be Austin’s girlfriend, leaving Ally heartbroken. They became a couple in Partners & Parachutes.

Who is Austin Moon wife?

Ally Dawson
His best friends are Ally, Dez and Trish. His parents are Mimi Moon and Mike Moon. He is the husband to Ally Dawson.