What does X mean on a treasure map?

Buried Treasure. It’s a map that is used to track down buried chests on the map. Chests contain a trove of legendary loot. X marks the spot! The chest must be dug up using a pickaxe.

How do you solve buried treasure maps?

You may choose to head in one direction first, or simply go diagonally. Head towards the direction of the treasure. Continuously move towards where the treasure is located while keeping tabs on the map. The white circle on the map will move along with how far and in which direction you are from the treasure chest.

What guardian stone should I pick Skyrim?

Widely considered the best Standing Stone in the game, the Lover Stone grants the Lover’s Comfort effect all the time. While the Guardian Stones allow a player to increase roughly a third of their skills 20% faster, increasing all skills is the better choice, even if it technically five percent slower for some skills.

Is buried treasure always in sand?

The treasure chest is almost always buried by some material. Most of the time the chest generates buried in a beach, so it has a sand or gravel block covering it. Sometimes, if generated on the side of an underwater hill, it spawns with stone blocks covering it.

How deep can treasure chests spawn?

Many players have shared that in their experience, buried treasure generates roughly 40 blocks below the ground level. However, due to the way the game creates terrain, it’s also possible to find these chests at higher or lower elevations.

How far down is buried treasure?

Should I use the Lover Stone in Skyrim?

The effects of the Lover Stone improves all skills 15% faster than normal. It’s basically like all The Guardian Stones wrapped into one. NOTE: Using this stone will disable the Rested Effect.

What does the lady Stone do in Skyrim?

Effect. The Lady Stone increases Health and Stamina regeneration rates by 25%.