What does Worned mean?

verb. past participle of wear. adjective. diminished in value or usefulness through wear, use, handling, etc.: worn clothing; worn tires. wearied; exhausted.

What is Woreout?

extremely tired: I’ve been working all night and I’m worn out.

What are two meanings of down?

Definition of down 1a(1) : toward or in a lower physical position Don’t look down. Pull down the blind. (2) : to a lying or sitting position Please sit down.

What is jumpiness?

Definitions of jumpiness. the anxious feeling you have when you have the jitters. synonyms: jitteriness, nervousness, restiveness. type of: anxiety.

How do you spell woren?

Correct spelling for WOREN

  1. loren.
  2. ware.
  3. warn.
  4. warren.
  5. wen.
  6. when.
  7. wherein.
  8. whereon.

What is a mind boggling?

Definition of mind-boggling : mentally or emotionally exciting or overwhelming.

Is it wear me out or ware me out?

Wear is seldom used as a noun, except in compound words like outerwear and underwear. Therefore, if the word you are using is a noun, you probably need ware. Wear, meanwhile, is a verb, so if a verb is what you need, wear is the best choice.

How do you spell dam the cuss word?

to use the word “damn”; swear. (used as an expletive to express anger, annoyance, disgust, etc.) the utterance of “damn” in swearing or for emphasis.

What does 4 down mean?

fourth down (plural fourth downs) (American football) The fourth down in a series that has a maximum of four downs; often used to punt the ball downfield or attempt a field goal (If not punted or converted, the opposing team takes possession wherever the ball is).

What does prettily mean?

in an attractive way
/ˈprɪtɪli/ /ˈprɪtɪli/ (especially British English) ​in an attractive way. She laughed prettily.

What does Hypervigilant mean?

Hypervigilance — the elevated state of constantly assessing potential threats around you — is often the result of a trauma. People who have been in combat, have survived abuse, or have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can exhibit hypervigilance.