What does the meaning of industrial?

Definition of industrial (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : of or relating to industry. 2 : engaged in industry the industrial classes. 3 : characterized by highly developed industries an industrial nation. 4 : used in or developed for use in industry industrial diamonds also : heavy-duty an industrial zipper.

What is an example of industrial?

The definition of industrial is something relating to a large-scale business or a manufacturing business. An example of industrial equipment is a printing press. Of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacturing industry. Industrial development; industrial pollution.

Does industrial mean work?

Industrial jobs focus on the production of industrial goods through the manufacturing process. This involves moving raw materials to a factory, creating the goods, storing the finished products in a warehouse, and shipping the products to customers. Industrial jobs are split into two sectors.

What is the industrial business?

INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS means the conduct of an industrial business activity, where goods or products are produced, manufactured, dismantled, altered, re-packaged, repaired or stored at a scale of greater than that defined by retail business.

What is an industrial person?

adjective. working energetically and devotedly; hardworking; diligent: an industrious person.

What does industrial mean in history?

Industrial Revolution, in modern history, the process of change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. These technological changes introduced novel ways of working and living and fundamentally transformed society.

What is an industry employee?

When people mention an “industry worker” or “industrial worker,” they are most likely referring to someone working in heavy industries such as factory work. The term made more sense in the Industrial Age when manufacturing plants were a new way of generating products more efficiently than by hand.

What is industrial occupation?

Industrial Occupation: This involves those who engage in the physical production of goods or changing of raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods or products. They also include the assembling and putting of component parts together to make it whole.

What are industrial goods?

Industrial goods are materials used in the production of other goods, while consumer goods are finished products that are sold to and used by consumers. Industrial goods are bought and used for industrial and business use.

What does an industrial worker do?