What does the little red book describe?

It was put out by the military newspaper of the People’s Republic of China from April 1964 until about 1976. The book is a collection of quotes taken from Mao Zedong’s speeches and books. Its popular title The Little Red Book describes its size and appearance: it was specially designed for easy carrying.

Why is it called the Little Red Book?

The most popular versions were printed in small sizes that could be easily carried and were bound in bright red covers, thus commonly becoming known internationally as the “Little Red Book”.

What is the Red book used for?

The purpose of RED BOOK is to allow comprehensive access to current and accurate drug pricing and description information. RED BOOK covers FDA-approved drug products. It includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and nondrug products.

What does the red book contain?

In 1915, Jung commissioned the folio-sized and red leatherbound volume now known as the Red Book. The bound volume contained approximately 600 blank pages of paper of a quality suitable for Jung’s ink and paint.

What was the purpose of Mao’s Little Red Book quizlet?

The main message of this song is to stand up and revolt against the old bureaucracy.

How did the Cultural Revolution start?

Launching the movement in May 1966 with the help of the Cultural Revolution Group, Mao charged that bourgeois elements had infiltrated the government and society with the aim of restoring capitalism. Mao called on young people to “bombard the headquarters”, and proclaimed that “to rebel is justified”.

Why did Mao Zedong start the Cultural Revolution?

Its stated goal was to preserve Chinese communism by purging remnants of capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society, and to re-impose Mao Zedong Thought (known outside China as Maoism) as the dominant ideology in the PRC.

What was Mao’s aim during the Cultural Revolution quizlet?

(1966 – 1976) A social-political movement started by Mao Zedong in the People’s Republic of China. The revolution’s goal was to enforce communism and remove any foreign, capitalist, or traditional cultural elements from Chinese society.

What were the 4 olds during the Cultural Revolution?

The Four Olds were: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits (Chinese: Jiù Sīxiǎng 旧思想, Jiù Wénhuà 旧文化, Jiù Fēngsú 旧风俗, and Jiù Xíguàn 旧习惯).

When did Cultural Revolution end?

1966 – 1976Cultural Revolution / Period

When was the little red book first published?

January 5, 1964Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung / Originally published