What does St Oswalds Hospice do?

St Oswald’s Hospice, we’re more than most people think we are. A charitable hospice based in the North East, we support and care for babies, children, young people and adults with life limiting conditions.

Who founded St Oswald’s Hospice?

The idea for it began in the early 1970s after local woman, Dorothy Jameson, decided to act on her belief that people in the North-East facing terminal illness ought to receive the same type of care and support offered by St Christopher’s Hospice in London, where her daughter worked.

How do I donate to St Oswalds?

There are several simple ways to donate

  1. You can send a cheque in the post to. Fundraising Team, St Oswald’s Hospice.
  2. We take donations over the telephone. Please call our team on 0191 246 9123 or email [email protected] to request a call back.
  3. You can make a donation online.

Where is St Oswalds way?

Covering a distance of 97 miles, St Oswald’s Way starts on the historic island of Lindisfarne. It follows the spectacular Northumberland coastline to Warkworth before heading inland along the beautiful River Coquet to the ancient town of Rothbury.

Who was the founder of the first contemporary hospice in Russia?

In Russia the first hospice was opened in St. Petersburg in 1992, with the support of the émigré journalist Viktor Zorza, who established Russian links with supporters in the United Kingdom in the wake of the new era of glasnost.

How old is St Oswalds?

Saint Oswald, (born c. 604—died 642, Maserfelth, Eng.; feast day August 5), Anglo-Saxon king of Northumbria from 633 to 642 who introduced Celtic Christian missionaries to his kingdom and gained ascendancy over most of England.

Can you walk from Seahouses to Bamburgh?

Local Walks BAMBURGH TO SEAHOUSES – You can walk along the coast from Bamburgh to Seahouses it is approximately 3 miles so you may want to catch a bus back or make a day of it!

Where is Heavenfield?

HexhamBattle of Heavenfield / Location

How long do hospice patients live?

Location: Patients admitted to hospice from a hospital are most likely to die within six months. Those admitted from home are next most likely to die within six months and those admitted from nursing homes are least likely.

Who was king Oswald’s wife?

Kyneburga of Wessex
Oswald of Northumbria

Born c. 604 Deira, Northumbria
Died 5 August 641/42 (approximately 37 years old)
Spouse Kyneburga of Wessex
Issue Œthelwald of Deira

Who killed king Oswald?

In 642, King Oswald was killed by King Penda of Mercia during a battle that occurred near modern Oswestry, in Shropshire County.