What does Hamburg Sud do?

Hamburg Süd Group is a global shipping and logistics company based in Germany. Formed in 1871, Hamburg Süd is the world’s eighth-largest container shipping line and is one of the leading carriers in the north-south trades.

Is Hamburg Süd a freight forwarder?

Hamburg Süd Services Offered The shipping company offers a full range of logistical and freight shipping services. It participates extensively in eCommerce activities. Its fleet transports dry cargo, temperature-controlled cargo, exceptionally heavy and bulky cargo, and dangerous cargo.

What are THC drugs and how do they work?

The first drug to be created from the THC structure was dronabinol (sold in pill-form as Marinol or liquid-form as Syndros). This synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol helps quell nausea and vomiting and also stimulates appetite. Doctors often prescribe it to those undergoing chemotherapy, as well as AIDS patients.

What is liquid THC and how do you consume it?

Liquid THC is most commonly consumed orally, but it can also be vaporized in an electronic vape pen and smoked like other eliquids. Oral consumption is the more traditional, and most common, method for experiencing the effects of liquid THC.

Is THC a good preventative drug?

Scientists are continuing to work to see if THC may prove to be a good preventative drug for individuals who are at a high risk of brain injury (such as epileptics, those with a high heart attack risk or people who are about to undergo cardiac surgery in which the blood flow to the brain could be interrupted).

How is THC excreted from the body?

In the liver, THC is metabolized into THC-COOH-glucuronide, which is excreted via urine and stool. Part of the THC-COOH-glucuronide is metabolized back to the THC-COOH by the bacterial enzymes in the intestines. This THC-COOH is reabsorbed back into the blood again.