What does Diana Ross think of Dreamgirls?

Ross has refused to comment on the movie, but today she said she was “happy” for the cast. “I’ve only heard what everybody else says, that it’s very much my image and likeness,” she said. “So if I’ve had an opportunity to influence any of these beautiful, talented young people, then I’m excited about it.”

Is Diana Ross in Dreamgirls?

Although Deena and Curtis, the band’s manager, getting married and Deena becoming the band’s lead singer, Beyoncé confirmed that Dreamgirls isn’t about Ross and The Supremes. “Deena is not Diana Ross,” the singer shared with Oprah.com. “It was very clear that a lot of the storylines never happened to Diana.

Who did the costumes for Dreamgirls?

For a show like DREAMGIRLS , costumes are almost a character on their own. Colleen Grady, who is the Costume Designer on the production, has been working on the look she wants for the cast. “The inspiration definitely comes from the Motown greats like the Supremes, James Brown, the Temptations, and the Four Tops.

How close to the truth is Dreamgirls?

The movie, based on the 1981 Broadway play, tells the story of a small black record label and its star singers whose success crosses over to the pop charts. Although loosely based on The Supremes, the movie is a work of fiction. The real story of the 1960s girl groups, however, changed American music forever.

How old was Beyonce when she did Dreamgirls?

Beyoncé was just 24-years-old when she starred as Deena Jones in the Academy Award-winning film, which was based on the iconic Broadway show, but was singer’s salary at the time was much less than you might expect.

Who is Jennifer Hudson’s character in Dreamgirls based on?

member Florence Ballard
Jennifer Hudson as Effie White; inspired by Supremes member Florence Ballard, Effie is a talented yet temperamental singer who suffers when Curtis, the man she loves, replaces her as lead singer of the Dreams and his love interest, and later drops her altogether.

Who is Beyoncé supposed to be in Dreamgirls?

Beyoncé Knowles as Deena Jones; based upon Motown star and lead Supremes member Diana Ross and two former Supremes members Jean Terrell and Scherrie Payne, Deena is a very shy young woman who becomes a star after Curtis makes her lead singer of the Dreams.

Are Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé friends?

I love her. We’ve always been good.” Three years later, the “Spotlight” singer reiterated that she and Beyoncé maintained a close friendship throughout the years. Hudson even admitted to attending the singer’s Formation World Tour, where she got some love from her co-star during a performance of “Survivor.”

Was Loretta Devine a dreamgirl?

Audiences may associate Loretta Devine with her Emmy-winning performance on Grey’s Anatomy, but 30 years ago she played Lorrell, the role that brought her fame, in the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls.

How much weight did Beyoncé lose for Dreamgirls?

20 pounds
Queen Bey famously followed a juice diet, the Master Cleanse, to lose weight for her 2006 role in “Dreamgirls,” which she told Oprah helped her lose 20 pounds in two weeks.

Did they lip sync in Dreamgirls?

The lip-sync is off during some verses of “It’s All Over” and “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. Near the end of “Dreamgirls,” the audio sounds like the three women are singing the line “We’ll be there”, but Effie doesn’t move her lips.