What does Culicagado meaning?

Culicagado, or, loosely translated, “crap-ass”, might be the apex of that. Constructed from culo, a less-than-polite term for “butt”, and the verb cagar, another not-so-polite verb for going numero dos, this word packs a lot of imagery into one quick interjection that’s usually screamed at some misbehaving kids.

What does bacano mean?

Colombian for “cool” Written by Peter. When Colombians use the slang words “bacano” and “chévere” the meaning is essentially the same as the English word “cool”.

What parcero means?

best mate
Word forms: parcera. (informal) masculine noun/feminine noun (Colombia, Ecuador) best mate (Brit) (informal) ⧫ buddy (US) (informal)

What does Cucha mean in Colombia?

a woman
Cucha – another way to refer to a woman. Malparido(a) – someone really rude or mean.

What does Cubio mean in Spanish?


From To Via
• cubo → crucial point ↔ Angelpunkt
• cubo → cube ↔ cube
• cubo → hubnaveboss ↔ moyeu
• cubo → bucketpail ↔ seau

How do you say excuse me in Colombia?

In many Spanish-speaking countries this means “What a pity”, but in Colombia this phrase means “Sorry” or “Excuse me.” Voy a llegar tarde. Qué pena.

What does Coro mean in Dominican?

Dominicans rarely use the word “coro” (which is chorus in English) to refer to a musical choir… it is most often used to refer to a group of friends who get together to have a great and fun time.

What is Berraco en Colombia?

In Colombia, it’s generally a positive term for a person, a compliment, that means someone who’s brave, determined, gutsy, a team player, hard worker, someone who doesn’t give up and does dangerous but worthwhile things.

What is Chamo?

(informal) Word forms: chamo, chama. masculine noun/feminine noun (Latin America) kid (informal) ⧫ child.

How do you say bro in Colombia?

Paisa Phrases For Friends

  1. Parcero/Parcera. Meaning: Bro, dude, my man, girl.
  2. ¿Quiubo, Parce? Meaning: What’s up, bro?
  3. Mi Llave/Llavería/Llavero. Literal meaning: My key/key chain.
  4. El Parche. Literal meaning: The patch.
  5. Parchando. Slang meaning: Chillin’, hanging out.

What is the C word in Colombia?

Colombia has a C word and it’s a command instead of a noun. “Come,” it tells you as it takes you by the hand. “Come and see us – and make sure you come now.”