What does Celebrate Recovery help with?

Celebrate Recovery is a recovery program aimed at all “hurts, habits, and hang-ups”, including but not exclusive to: high anxiety; co-dependency; compulsive behaviors; sex addiction; financial dysfunction; drug and alcohol addictions; and eating disorders.

Is Celebrate Recovery the same as AA?

Differences. While both groups do use a 12-Step approach to recovery, they differ in the intent behind the steps. Alcoholics Anonymous is the original, while Celebrate Recovery has modified the 12 Steps to be accompanied by Bible verses using Christ’s words as a guideline.

Is Celebrate Recovery for everyone?

Program Basics The Celebrate Recovery program is open to anyone in need of help, regardless of the type of addiction, pain, or hurt they are experiencing.

How many churches have Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is available in nearly 30,000 churches in dozens of countries, with Celebrate Recovery Inside available in more than 380 jails and prisons.

Who attends Celebrate Recovery?

Not only are CR meetings open to everyone, they ask everyone to participate, contribute, and do so in a nonjudgmental and supportive fashion. It can be intimidating at best to walk into a 12-step meeting focused on substance abuse and recovery, but CR can be more so.

How do you introduce yourself in Celebrate Recovery?

In our meeting, we introduce ourselves by first saying “I’m a believer” because we believe our identity is in Jesus Christ – the one and only Higher Power. You may hear each of us say a different variation, but the common thread is our identity in Jesus.

Who founded Celebrate Recovery?

John Baker
In 1991, John Baker was a congregant of the Saddleback Church, located in Lake Forest, California. He approached Pastor Rick Warren about the concept for Celebrate Recovery, and Warren encouraged him to give it a go. Baker formed Celebrate Recovery’s principles based on eight statements from Jesus Christ.

What is the role of a sponsor in Celebrate Recovery?

A sponsor is an individual who has completed the 12-step recovery process, someone who has gone through the 4 participation guides, and someone who has therefore covered all of the CR lessons. They have done their moral inventory and confessed it aloud to a sponsor of their own or a sound accountability partner.

Does Celebrate Recovery have zoom meetings?

COVID-19 Update We are hosting Celebrate Recovery meetings every Wednesday at 6:30pm via ZOOM! The online meetings are for current participants or newcomers that would be coming to the Hopkinton meeting location once restrictions are lifted.

How do you do Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step group, focused on using surrender to a higher power (Christ) as a means to rebuild your life. From the day new members enter and pick up their blue coin, they are asked to surrender to and celebrate God’s healing power.

Are there sponsors in Celebrate Recovery?

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