What does AE stand for in nursing?

An adverse event (AE) is any untoward medical occurrence in a patient or clinical investigation subject administered a pharmaceutical product and which does not necessarily have a causal relationship with this treatment.

What does a e mean in medical terms?

/ˌeɪ ənd ˈiː/ (US emergency room) abbreviation for Accident and Emergency: the part of a hospital where people go when they are sick or injured and need treatment quickly.

What is the abbreviation for AE?

Acronym Definition
AE American English
AE Account Executive
AE Adverse Event
AE Application Entity

What does AE stand for position?

An account executive (AE) is a salesperson with primary day-to-day responsibility for an ongoing business relationship with a customer.

What does AFO stand for?

AFO stands for ankle foot orthosis. This kind of brace is usually made of plastic. Orthoses are named for the parts of the body they control. An orthosis provides correction, support, or protection to a part of the body.

What is SNT medical?

SNT = soft, non-tender. TTE = transthoracic echocardiogram.

What does AE stand for in editing?

Associate Editor
AE means Associate Editor: Responsible for communication with reviewers of a research manuscript.

What is A & E doctor?

Doctors in emergency medicine carry out the immediate assessment and treatment of patients with serious and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. You’ll work mainly in the accident and emergency departments of hospitals.

What does AE stand for in years?

of age; aged. History and Etymology for ae.

What is PA medical term?

PA (physician assistant): A physician assistant (PA) is a mid-level medical practitioner who works under the supervision of a licensed doctor (an MD) or osteopathic physician (a DO).