What does AA mean in swimming?

AA (AA Cut) Is a time classification for a swimmer or a swim. AA is faster than A time standard. AAA (AAA Cut) Is a time classification for a swimmer or a swim sometimes called a Zone cut. AAA is faster than the AA time standard.

What are AAA times in swimming?

AAA 94% This standard means your swimmer is ranked in the top 6% of swimmers their age-group, their same sex, in that stroke and distance.

What are the levels of swimming competition?

Different Levels of Competitive Swimming. PASS. This is the introductory level of competitive swimming.

  • PASS. •Level 1 (Bronze) Level 2 (SIlver)
  • REGIONAL. •LMR Qualifier. A Qualifier.
  • PROVINCIAL. •AA Qualifier. AAA Qualifier.
  • NATIONAL. •Age Group. Western National.
  • What is the most competitive swimming state?

    Top States for Competitive Swimming

    • California. California is home to the largest Local Swim Committee, or LSC, in the country.
    • Colorado. Colorado earns a spot on the top training centers list as a result of one swimming pool in Colorado Springs.
    • Texas.
    • Pennsylvania.

    What is Jo in swimming?

    A swimmer’s USA Swimming path begins at the state-level Junior Olympics (JOs) meet, progresses to Zones and Sectionals, and then moves onto the “national” stage at Junior Nationals and the new-ish Futures Championships.

    What is a good swim time?

    Average time to swim a mile

    Swimming Type Average Mile Swim Time
    Mile swim in a pool 25-27 minutes
    Mile swim open water 30,02 minutes
    Mile swim in the ocean 33-35 minutes
    Mile swim breaststroke 45-50 minutes

    What is a Level 1 swimming meet?

    Level 1. These meets are Long course (LC) only which means they are swam in a 50m pool. These competitions have qualifying times to enter and the times swam at these competitions can be used to qualify for Regional and National Championships.

    What is the fastest state for swimming?

    Unsurprisingly, California and Florida lead the way on this list, with twelve and seven records being represented by those states, respectively.

    Is swimming a dying sport?

    In some places, particularly in rural and regional areas, some sports – particularly the traditional Olympic sports are dying – or are already dead all together. Competitive Swimming is one of those sports experiencing significant declines in the number of kids committing to training and racing.