What does a USB foot pedal do?

A foot pedal allows you to control audio with your foot, thus freeing your hands to focus on typing. This simple tool is the best way to improve your transcription speed. How do I use it? Specialised transcription software is required to use a foot pedal.

Can you use foot pedal with Windows Media Player?

NOTE: Windows Media Player, Real Audio and most other sound file players are NOT designed to work with a USB foot pedal. Software not included.

How do I connect my foot pedal to my computer?

Plug the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 foot pedal directly into an open USB port on your PC. The foot pedal will be recognized automatically as long as your PC has full USB support. Installing the IN-USB-1 or IN-USB-2 on Windows 98: The Add New Hardware window will prompt you to install the drivers for the new device.

Can you do transcription without a foot pedal?

I used ExpressScribe to play back the audio at 50% speed, and I set the following global shortcuts for my foot pedal: center-press was rewind, left was stop, and right was play….Notes on transcription with and without a foot pedal.

Type Typing without a foot pedal, 50% speed
Factor audio minutes x 4
Characters 14137 (~ 2800 words @ 5 characters/word)

How do you use a foot pedal for transcription?

Transcribe currently supports the following Foot Pedals: Infinity USB Foot Pedal….Using your foot pedal

  1. Press the center button on your foot pedal to play.
  2. Remove your foot from the center button to pause the player.
  3. Press the right button to forward the player.
  4. Press the left button to rewind the player.

Can you use a foot pedal with groove music?

The ECS-SPIGW-FP USB single function foot pedal can be used for play iTunes, Groove, Windows Media Player and other player programs.

What is a foot pedal computer?

A digital foot pedal is a tool most often used by transcriptionists who transcribe dictation. The digital foot pedal will connect to the computer, typically through a USB port.

Can I use a foot pedal with a laptop?

How to install the Infinity foot pedal: Infinity pedals are plug-and-play, so you don’t need to install any software from the manufacturer. Simply plug the pedal into your device’s USB port, and your computer will automatically install the USB drivers.

What do you need to transcribe from home?

Transcription Equipment

  1. PC (Desktop or Laptop) The most basic piece of transcribing equipment that you’ll need is a PC.
  2. Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the leading word processor.
  3. Headset.
  4. Transcription Software.
  5. Foot Pedal.
  6. Ergonomic Desk Chair.
  7. Text Expander (Optional)
  8. Law Dictionary or Medical Dictionary (Optional)